11 Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Get more out of your bathroom! With these furnishing ideas, you can turn an unassuming bathroom into a retreat with a feeling of wellness. Here you can find out what you should bear in mind when decorating your bathroom and other basic tips for your bathroom.

bathroom decorating

Are you redecorating your bathroom? Then good planning is particularly important when it comes to bathroom decorating. Since the bathtub, shower and sink are firmly anchored in the floor, their placement must be chosen carefully. If you just want to give your existing bathroom a little makeover, a little paint, matching bathroom furniture and individual accessories will give it a new look.

With Gazettely tips, you can quickly find the perfect bathroom decorating. Stay Tuned.

Find the right locations

Where bathtub and co. should be installed? It is important that you know exactly where the existing plumbing connections are in the bathroom in order to find the right locations and avoid high costs for laying new pipes. If in doubt, consult a professional and get an individual quote before renovating. For a free-standing bathtub, new pipes must be laid in the floor in most cases. Bear in mind that the floor tiles will also have to be replaced – perhaps a chance for stylish mosaic tiles or an unconventional pattern!

Choosing the right bathroom equipment

Do you prefer a shower or a freestanding bathtub? In small bathrooms, a corner bathtub is a welcome alternative. Otherwise, the following applies: Measure! It doesn’t have to be an XXL bathtub, compact bathtubs can also stand freely in the room under certain circumstances. And that is hardly more expensive or complicated than a wall-mounted bathtub. However, the floor has to be replaced because the connections leave holes in the tiles.

A free-standing model is best in a square bathroom of at least 8.5 square meters, to ensure that there is enough room to move around the bathtub. Long, narrow floor plans rarely offer enough space for this. What should you look for in a sink? As important as the look is – it should above all fit the needs.

Think about how and by whom the sink will be used most of the time: By you and the children or mainly by guests? In a spacious family bathroom, a lavish sink with a large storage area is ideal. A rather small bathroom, on the other hand, needs a narrow washbasin solution with integrated vanity unit for more storage space. If two people start the day in the morning, a double sink is practical. Designer fans will enjoy special colors, materials, asymmetrical shapes or countertop basins. Models with a shiny copper coating are also trendy.

Making small bathrooms more attractive

Getting more out of a small bathroom. Small bathrooms look larger when a similar covering is used for the floor and walls. Light colors, large mirrors and narrow tile grout lines also make the bathroom appear larger. If you want to invest in a special wall or floor design, you can also play with bright colors and patterns in a small space, they make you forget about the limited space and distract from any weak points.

Also important: bathrooms without windows should be well illuminated. Instead of a ceiling light, install spotlights. And multifunctional furniture is ideal for small bathrooms: special heaters have practical rails for hanging towels – this saves space, as there is no need for additional towel rails. At the same time, the towels are always pleasantly warm.

Save space and create storage in the bathroom

Storage solutions for more order in the bathroom. For example, towels, cosmetics and other things for everyday use can be stored in open wall shelves. A wall cabinet is particularly suitable when many items need to be hidden. As a general rule, light-colored bathroom decorating has a friendly effect and can visually enlarge the space.

Cabinets under the sink can be used to create space, especially in small rooms, as they increase the usable wall space. Installation walls are also practical, as pipes can be laid inside the wall. Thus, a sink can be connected on one side, and the shower, for example, on the other. Vanities and base cabinets with drawers also provide plenty of storage space for small items, cosmetics and other everyday necessities.

Furnish bathroom with special fittings

What makes good fittings? Functionality and appearance! Two-handle faucets make it possible to access hot or cold water separately and quickly. Single-handle faucets mix temperatures and can be operated with just one hand. Before buying, you should weigh which function is important to you. When it comes to design, there are no limits. Purist and striking or glamorous – it is best to seek advice in a specialist store and test several times on site whether an armature handle fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to operate.

The shower and bathroom decorating also need to be chosen with care: a shower head with an adjustable water jet is something you won’t want to do without in a hurry. A wide water inlet looks chic and speeds up filling up the bathtub.

Privacy screen for the bathroom

Curious looks may stay outside. A beautiful privacy screen at the window enhances the bathroom and should not be missing, especially in ground-level apartments and in densely built-up areas. A wooden privacy screen gives the bathroom a homely touch – for example, blinds or roller blinds. Basically, wood in the bathroom provides a particularly cozy atmosphere. For those looking for a quick and inexpensive alternative to frosted glass, self-adhesive privacy films from the hardware store are suitable.

These are available in neutral colors or with colorful patterns. Such films are cut to the appropriate size with a cutter and must then be laminated evenly and carefully onto the cleaned pane so that no unsightly air bubbles are created.

Bathroom light

What light sources does the bathroom need? A mix of basic, functional and mood lighting is always good. Ceiling spots are common in bathrooms, modern pendant lights are even prettier. There should be bright light at the bathroom mirror for make-up. Flexible wall luminaires provide the best view. Indirect light that does not dazzle and can be dimmed as required creates a feel-good atmosphere. When buying, make sure that the lamps are marked with the suffix “IPX4 protection class” – so that they are not affected by splashing water.

Wall design in the bathroom – to feel good

Beautify walls and old tiles. Old tiles can be covered with water-repellent films. This allows you to redesign large areas or set specific accents, for example with borders. If you don’t like white walls, a coat of paint in your favorite color is a quick fix. You should choose paints with a high gloss content, as they can withstand humidity.

With the right color, you get the most out of a rather plain apartment bathroom! Wall colors in refreshing green and accessories that match the tone have a great effect: A shower curtain with a forest motif, for example, and matching towels and soap dispensers. Soft pastel shades are recommended for large-scale use of color. Strong colors can be used to set specific accents. Natural stone such as marble gives the bathroom a special look. Wallpaper with patterns or special wall shelves bring variety.

More comfort in the bathroom – with textiles

Fluffy and soft comfort in the bathroom. Soft bath mats, gently massaging shower towels: the right textiles create an atmosphere in the bathroom that makes you feel good all around. The possibilities are almost endless, after all, there are countless different towels, shower mats and bath rugs. A matching bathrobe also brings a wellness feeling to the bathroom.

In addition, textiles bring color into white bathrooms – ideal for all those who do not want to paint the bathroom every time a different color becomes fashionable. Our decorating tip: stack several towels in your favorite color in an open bathroom cabinet or on a shelf – that’s how you get that real hotel feeling.

Accessories for a personal touch in the bathroom

How does a bathroom become a spa? A bathroom should also be deliberately decorated. In addition to basics such as mirrors and cabinets, decorative soap dishes and ceramic trays for arranging cosmetics, for example, as well as a variety of other accessories fit into the bathroom. Favorite utensils can be found in simple wooden boxes together in practical beauty groups – this creates order and clarity. Above all, a uniform color scheme ensures a tidy look. If your products don’t match so nicely, simply transfer them to pump dispensers of the same color.

Decoration in natural tones and materials has a cozy, calming vibe that can be achieved with just a few accessories: for example, a bamboo footboard, a soap dispenser with a wooden top, and a rustic stool, which, by the way, can also serve as a shelf for reading material. Essential oils – lavender, mint or jasmine – also contribute a lot to the spa feeling of comfort. They can be distributed around the clock in the bathroom with fragrance diffusers.

Wallpaper in the bathroom

With fancy wallpaper, you can make a bathroom especially cozy without much effort. You have the choice: A chic photo wallpaper or rather a stylish pattern? Especially small bathrooms get a unique look through wallpaper.With fancy wallpaper, you can make a bathroom especially cozy without much effort. Particularly small bathrooms get a special look through wallpaper.

However, conventional wallpaper should be used mainly in guest bathrooms – here there is less moisture than in the large bathroom with shower and bathtub. Those who nevertheless do not want to do without colorful wallpapers can reach for wallpapers with “wet system”, which tolerate moisture without any problems and can even be used in the shower.

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