Top 10 Most Beautiful Harbors in the World

From France to Canada, here we take a look at some of the most amazing harbors in the world.

Beautiful Harbors in the World

Harbors are beautiful. Big or small, old or new, modern or traditional, a harbor can be very beautiful. Like these 10 harbors that are definitely among the most remarkable on the planet. These harbors come in all sizes, are generous and welcoming, and are a great place to stay to smell the scent of the tide and the sound of the surf… In this article, we will take a look at the 10 most beautiful harbors in the world.

Carnlough (Northern Ireland)

This small harbor, mainly used by local fishermen and boaters, has had its moment of glory thanks to Game of Thrones. This is where the scene in which Arya comes out of the water after having narrowly escaped from the slayer sent by the Faceless was shot. A beautiful harbor, typical and comfortable, although a little wet. But this is Ireland too, nothing surprising there!

Marseille (France)

The Old Harbor of Marseille is perhaps one of the most famous in the world. It is a place that has not worn out its reputation, where both locals and tourists meet. A true symbol of the Phocaean city, a historical and cultural center, it is no longer used for commercial purposes but can now be fully dedicated to shining with its beauty. In the middle of Marseille, down the Canebière, the Old Harbor is one of the undisputed stars of the coast.

Mystic (United States)

This small coastal town in the state of Connecticut is known for having hosted the filming of the movie Mystic Pizza with Julia Roberts (the pizzeria is still there). The town of Mystic is a great place to stroll around the harbor, where the Mystic Seaharbor, a real open-air museum consisting of a large number of sailboats, is always on display. The detailed reconstruction of the 19th-century village contributes greatly to the magnificence of the place.

Neko Harbour (Antarctica)

This harbor is not really a harbor like the others because it is not full of boats and all the animation that usually characterizes the harbors, but a natural site of great beauty. Rather, it’s a natural harbor, if you like. It is a natural harbor, surrounded by ice, snow, fjords and glaciers. This is where the ships that venture into the area dock. You can see rorquals, penguins and seals roaming around. Stay tuned more of the beautiful harbors in the world!

Stockholm (Sweden)

The capital of Sweden is spread over 14 islands. Naturally, there is water everywhere and it is an integral part of the geography of the place and the daily life of the inhabitants. The city makes the most of this water. Thus, the harbor is an important economic pole but also one of the most beautiful places in Sweden. It is surrounded by several parks and other famous monuments such as the Royal Palace and the City Hall. It is a harbor in harmony with nature…

English Harbor (Antigua and Barbuda)

This is another natural harbor, much warmer this time. This place was marked by the Royal Navy which once had a base there (you can visit the old shipyard base). It is a quiet marina where the silence is nevertheless regularly broken by the music of the local bands, playing, while at the horizon line, the sun is bidding farewell for the night. Stay tuned more of the beautiful harbors in the world.

Sydney (Australia)

When you want to harborray the quintessence of Sydney, you have to show a picture of its harbor, with the mythical Opera House and the Harbour Bridge in the spotlight. This harbor is also made of several small creeks, is relatively green (considering that we are in a big city) and peaceful. A must-see!

Kotor (Montenegro)

Listed by UNESCO, the city of Kotor is a wonder in itself. Its harbor, surrounded by impressive masses of granite, serves the medieval walled city and contributes greatly to the beauty of the whole. The views from the chapel overlooking the city are breathtaking. Stay tuned more of the beautiful harbors in the world.

Moorea (France)

This is the most beautiful harbor of French Polynesia. There are no big, dirty boats on the horizon, only small ones. Experience life in the wild, at the foot of a generous land, with your feet in deliciously warm water, with sublime blue reflections. Stay tuned more of the beautiful harbors in the world.

Vancouver (Canada)

Surrounded by mountains and greenery, the beautiful harbor of Vancouver had to appear at this top. In any season perfectly photogenic, it holds of course an imharborant role in the city but also stands out as a must-see. Especially around Stanley Park…

In case you know any other beautiful harbors in the world, please let us know in the comments section below.

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