First Mods for Spider-Man Remastered Emerge Online

Here you can play as Mary Jane and turn New York City into a noir style, or turn pigeons into pizza.

spider-man remastered mod

A remastered version of Marvel’s Spider-Man, which is one of the best-rated PS4 titles, arrived on PC two days ago. And the modding community wasn’t going to wait, and already at this point we have access to an interesting library of mods.

In the popular Nexusmods site we can now find more than 60 mods. Most popular are modifications that swap the Spider Man for other characters from the game. Thus, thanks to this, one can play as Black Cat, Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker in a laboratory outfit or… Norman Osborn.

Some gamers also add their own Spider-man costumes. Among the most downloaded files is the Symbiote costume from the Spider-Man 3 movie from Sam Raimi’s trilogy. Besides that, many game-changing works have appeared.

Now we can play with photorealistic graphics, enable a black and white filter in the style of films of the noir genre or remove interface elements. One interesting project is the work of user ZombieZone, which restores the look of the game from the first trailers at E3 2017.

Naturally, however, quite a few humorous mods are also available, for example, ones that turn pigeons into rats or…. pizza slices.

The author JediJosh920 created a tool that allows you to extract and replace every texture and model in the game, so in the future we can expect even more interesting modifications. All the mods can be found in the catalog of the Nexusmods site.

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