Flying Wild Hog Releases Another Gameplay Trailer From Evil West

This time, the Flying Wild Hog unveils Screeching Devil.

Flying Wild Hog Releases Another Gameplay Trailer From Evil West

The premiere of Evil West is imminent. Not long ago, Flying Wild Hog studio developers announced that the game has reached what is known as gold status, so gamers do not have to worry about further delays.

Simultaneously, the developers are continuing to demonstrate the monsters that users will have to face in the said production. This time, the developers have decided to concentrate on the threat that can come from the air.

The latest gameplay trailer, in fact, introduces monsters called Screeching Devil, which are described by the developers as “flying infernal insects.”

In the video’s description, the developers highlight that shooting down the said creatures requires “perfect timing,” which is why gamers – during an encounter with the said creatures – are advised to be on guard and stay focused.

A while back, Flying Wild Hog developers also showed users a repulsive monster named Leecher. Somewhat earlier, those interested also had the chance to have a look at the “most powerful vampire” in the Wild West. Undoubtedly, in the forthcoming weeks, the developers will present us with a few more beasts.

The Evil West is coming to PC and PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles. The game is expected to make its debut on the aforementioned platforms on November 22 this year, as announced.

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