Redfall’s New Atmospheric Trailer “Into the Night” Revelead

Bethesda is promoting the highly awaited IP.

Redfall’s New Atmospheric Trailer “Into the Night” Revelead

Developers of the Dishonored series are preparing with small steps for the release of a new IP. With Redfall being unveiled last year, and while the game was supposed to be released in the summer, the final details of the release are still unknown.

However, today we can check out a new trailer of the vampire-filled game. In Redfall we will take on the role of four survivors, who are tasked with scouring a huge island (the largest location in Arkane studio’s history), which was taken over by cultists and bloodsuckers.

In the game, you’ll see a series of varied missions, in which you’ll clear successive regions of the portrayed world, and while fighting you’ll use varied weapons and skills of the main characters.

Redfall is expected to offer battles for up to four players, however, the developers are said to have not forgotten about a strong storyline, which is supposed to be an important part of the game.

While the title will offer a full-fledged story, there will be no shortage of typical Arkane themes in the production and gamers will again be able to have fun while taking out their rivals.

This trailer shows the world of Redfall in a truly decent way and can get players intrigued, the only pity is that the whole thing is not concluded with a specific release date, so vampire combat enthusiasts may already be counting down to the debut of the new IP.

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