Will Dave Bautista Play the Star of the Gears of War Movie?

In fact, even the creator of the series is supporting the actor

Will Dave Bautista Play the Star of the Gears of War Movie?

Recently, Netflix has confirmed that it intends to begin work on a film and TV series adaptation of the Gears of War brand, which is one of the most important series in Microsoft’s entire portfolio.

Naturally, this news aroused both a lot of positive and negative emotions, because you know – that a Gears of War movie is being made is a great thing. 

Worse is that it’s taken on by Netflix itself, which has had so many blunders to its credit that we all approached it with caution. It is also an opportunity for an actor you all know very well – Dave Bautista.

A former WWE legend and now star of Guardians of the Galaxy, he has dreamed of playing Marcus Fenix on the big screen for years. 

Back in 2018, he had mentioned in a number of interviews that he wanted to push the film through Universal Studios, but only now Netflix has the opportunity to do so. 

Naturally, to get the full attention of both the series developers and the platform’s owners, he published an insanely eloquent video showing himself in Gears armor. Curiously, even CliffyB himself supports the idea. 

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