Beyond Good and Evil 2 Was Apparently Scrapped and Is Being Developed Over Again

This is what internal tests show, anyway.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Was Apparently Scrapped and Is Being Developed Over Again

Unofficial reports say that the production of Beyond Good and Evil 2 is again going through hard times. Over the last few years, the game apparently was deleted and started from scratch, “trashing” most of its previous ideas.

The case is reported by well-known journalist Tom Handerson in an article for Insider Gaming, referring to several anonymous sources.

The Insider gained access to footage and screenshots from internal gameplay tests, with the game appearing to be in a very early stage of production.

The materials, Handerson promised not to publish, shows almost empty spaces with very basic building models.

Any details are of poor quality and the whole thing looks “like a game on very low graphics settings.” But most importantly, the recordings do not resemble at all the demo presented in 2018.

So, we can guess that over the past four years the developers decided to completely redesign the game, probably completely deleting the previous version and starting work from scratch. Several gameplay elements, though, did not change, for example, using spaceships.

Handerson requested a comment from Ubisoft before the article was published. A spokesman for the French publisher responded that “Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in development, and the team is working hard to meet all the ambitious goals.”

It looks, however, as if we will wait at least a few more years for the game. In early October, the highly anticipated sequel officially “beat” Duke Nukem Forever, taking the infamous title of the longest game ever in development.

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