The Last of Us Gets Great Ratings After Its Launch

It is now one of the best TV series

The debut episode of The Last of Us was nothing short of spellbinding, leaving audiences entranced and breathless. Its captivating storyline and masterful storytelling propelled the production to the summit of industry portals, leaving rival productions trailing in its wake.

With the release of the pilot episode, The Last of Us has set the bar high for future episodes, leaving fans eagerly waiting for more. The game adaptation has succeeded in transporting viewers into its post-apocalyptic world, taking them on a thrilling journey filled with emotion, action, and suspense.

The series has received rave reviews and accolades from audiences, with thousands of viewers praising its masterful storytelling and exceptional performances. 

The Last of Us has quickly become one of the most highly-rated productions of the year, and it’s clear that the series is leaving a lasting impression on viewers. So, if you haven’t watched the series yet, it’s time to join the adventure and see what all the fuss is about!

With an overwhelming outpouring of support, The Last of Us has secured its place at the top of the television production mountain. 15,000 avid viewers cast their votes on IMDb, bestowing upon the series a resounding rating of 9.6 for the first episode and a still impressive 9.5 for the following episodes. 

This monumental achievement propelled the show to the number one spot, dethroning the previous reigning champion, Breaking Bad.

As the weeks pass, the ratings may fluctuate, but one thing is for certain, The Last of Us has made its mark on the television landscape. The question remains, will it continue to soar higher or will it fall from grace? Only time will tell.

Rotten Tomatoes also bears witness to the show’s dominance, with The Last of Us currently sitting comfortably at the top spot among TV productions with at least 12,000 votes. 

However, not all reviews have been glowing, as Metacritic users have given the series a score of 8.4, both from reviewers and viewers. Though, it should be noted that the portal has the smallest number of votes among the other portals.

As the curtains were drawn back and the premiere of The Last of Us approached, Neil Druckmann’s words echoed in the minds of gamers everywhere. He had boldly declared that with this game, he intended to prove that the medium of video games was more than capable of telling deep, emotional stories that would resonate with players on a profound level. 

The Last of Us Gets Great Ratings After Its Launch

And as the first episode unfurled before them, it became clear that Druckmann had succeeded in fulfilling that promise. But the true test would be in the weeks to come, as players eagerly awaited to see if the high standards set in the beginning would be maintained throughout the entire production process.

The Last of Us series, based on the critically acclaimed game of the same name, was set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity had been ravaged by a fungus plague. 

The spores of this deadly fungus had taken over the bodies of people, turning them into walking, mushroom-like zombies. The story centered around the unlikely duo of Joel and Ellie, whose fates were forever entwined by chance. Their journey together through this hostile, unforgiving world would test the limits of their strength, resilience, and ultimately, their humanity.

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