Get Rich and Conquer New York in This Business and Life Simulator Game – Big Ambitions!

Combining GTA, Cities: Skylines and House Flipper, Big Ambitions promises an exciting and immersive gameplay experience.

Are you tired of playing the same old boring games? Well, get ready to add some excitement to your life because Hovgaard Games has announced the release of Big Ambitions – a game that will change your gaming experience forever!

With a unique blend of economic strategy and life simulation, Big Ambitions is set to take the gaming world by storm. Scheduled to launch on Steam Early Access on March 10th this year, Big Ambitions will be exclusively available on PC. The game will take you on a thrilling journey where you’ll play as a resident of New York City.

Starting from a rented apartment and a low-paying job, your goal is to become the richest person in the city. But, how do you achieve that? By starting your own businesses, of course!

From gift, liquor, and clothing stores to supermarkets, law firms, and florists, you’ll have the freedom to start any business you desire. But, that’s not all – the game offers an extensive mechanism for running your own business.

You’ll take loans, set up companies, design logos, look for headquarters, hire employees, build infrastructure, and manage finances.

And, as your business grows, you’ll have to hire logistics and HR managers, sales representatives, and prepare offices for all of them.

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The gameplay is not just limited to running your own business. You can also enter virtually any building, buy it out, and improve the life of your character.

However, you’ll need to take care of your character’s sleep and health too – after all, even a millionaire needs rest!

The game offers an exciting and immersive experience that combines elements from popular games like GTA, Cities: Skylines, and House Flipper.

With Hovgaard Games at the helm, who previously developed the critically acclaimed Startup Company strategy game with 81% positive reviews on Steam, Big Ambitions promises to be a game that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to start your own business empire and conquer New York City in this ultimate business and life simulator game – Big Ambitions!

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