New Hogwarts Legacy Update Available on PS5: This Is What Will Change

The new update for Hogwarts Legacy on PS5 addresses the famous trophy bug.

Exciting news for all the Hogwarts Legacy fans out there! Avalanche Software has finally released the highly anticipated update for the PlayStation 5 console, and it includes a fix for a major bug that has been plaguing players for weeks.

The bug in question prevented players from unlocking the “Collector’s Edition” trophy, much to the disappointment of many avid gamers.

But fear not, fellow wizards and witches, for the developers have listened to our pleas and have fixed the issue once and for all.

The patch, officially named 01.000.004, not only resolves the trophy bug but also implements several other useful fixes to enhance your gameplay experience.

One of the most notable improvements is the optimization of the game’s performance in Loyalty mode. This means that you can now enjoy smoother gameplay without sacrificing any of the stunning graphics that make Hogwarts Legacy such a visually stunning game.

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Additionally, the update also fixes several other annoying bugs that have been causing crashes, graphical glitches, and even prevented a specific mission from starting correctly. It’s a must-have patch for any fan of the game, and you can download it right now on your PS5.

But before you start celebrating, note that there is still no word on the patch that will fix the game map glitch or the object-stuck issue.

However, the development team has released some temporary fixes to help mitigate these problems while we wait for a more permanent solution.

We will, of course, keep you updated on any news related to the game’s development, so stay tuned for further updates. Until then, grab your wands and head back to Hogwarts for another magical adventure!

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