GSC Game World Threatened by Russian Hackers for Stalker 2 Leaks

Hackers demand changes to studio's approach towards Russian and Belarusian players and unlock Discord profile, with a deadline of March 15.

The upcoming release of STALKER 2 by GSC Game World has been marred by a disturbing development. A group of hackers, known as Vestnik TSS, has issued a threat to the developers, claiming that they possess a trove of sensitive information related to the game.

The hackers have warned that if GSC Game World does not comply with their demands, they will publicly release the material.

The hackers’ primary demand is for the studio to change its attitude towards players from Russia and Belarus. They have called for GSC Game World to create localization features and unlock the NF Star profile on Discord.

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In their post on a Russian social networking site, the hackers shared various graphics from the game to prove their possession of sensitive material.

The post from the hackers reads, “The fact that we have not released all materials to the public testifies to our friendly attitude towards you, after all your unfriendly actions. Please act accordingly and correct the situation.

Don’t let the STALKER universe die because of your politicization – stagnation is already very much felt, which means it’s time to build a relationship with the community.”

The deadline given by the hackers for GSC Game World to respond to their requests is March 15. It remains unclear what materials the hackers possess and the extent of their capabilities.

The incident has raised concerns about the security of gaming companies and the potential for cyberattacks on the industry. GSC Game World has not yet made any official statement regarding the matter.

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