Redfall to Support Ray Tracing in Future Update

While Arkane Studios' upcoming title Redfall will not have ray tracing at launch, the feature will be added in a post-release update, as confirmed by the studio.


Fans of the upcoming game Redfall will be pleased to know that the title will eventually support ray tracing technology. However, according to Arkane Studios, it will not be available when the game is first released on May 2. Instead, the feature will be added to the game in a post-release update, although the studio has yet to announce when this will occur.

Fortunately, players with NVIDIA RTX 4000 series cards will still be able to benefit from the intelligent upscaling and Frame Generation offered by DLSS 3, which will be available immediately upon release. This technology will significantly improve performance on PC, even without ray tracing.

It is currently unclear whether ray tracing will be available on both PC and Xbox Series X|S, or what types of effects it will offer. In Arkane Studios’ previous title, Deathloop, ray tracing was limited to shadows and ambient occlusion. However, it is possible that Redfall may incorporate more advanced ray tracing techniques.

Recently, the official trailer for the Redfall story was released, which provides some background on the game’s premise. Set on an island surrounded by a barrier that prevents sunlight from passing through, the game features a team of survivors fighting to stop a vampire invasion.

The vampires are able to move freely within the environment, thanks to the lack of sunlight, making the survivors’ task all the more challenging.

In summary, while Redfall will not have ray tracing at launch, the addition of this technology via a post-release update, as well as the availability of DLSS 3, should provide an exciting and visually stunning gameplay experience for fans of the game.

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