The Quirky Side of Skyrim: 15 Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Problems We All Know

From troublesome NPCs to insufferable children, the quirks that bind the Skyrim community.

There is no doubt that The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim continues to captivate players worldwide even after all these years. Bethesda has undoubtedly crafted a masterpiece with this game. Unsurprisingly, the publisher has made sure to release the game on virtually every platform available. However, even the most ardent fans would admit that this role-playing game is far from flawless. Setting aside the numerous bugs, there are certain issues that any vigilant Dragonborn would quickly notice.

These imperfections don’t necessarily ruin the game as a whole. In fact, some of them can be amusing or may be attributed to the player’s own habits. Regardless, it’s highly likely that you’ve encountered the scenarios depicted in our photo series: an overwhelming number of dragons, insufficient inventory space, and the incessant chatter of brazen children in the streets. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim can indeed be exasperating at times, but in a way, these quirks are an intrinsic part of the experience.

Skyrim issues that resonate with all players

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

It’s undeniable that The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is an exceptional game. Nevertheless, it’s impossible to overlook the fact that Bethesda’s RPG sensation can be rather irksome at times. In some instances, the game itself is to blame, while in others, it’s the habits of the Dragonborn that contribute to the annoyance. In our collection of images, we highlight 11 such problems that have become an integral part of the Skyrim experience for players everywhere.

15. The Dragonborn’s never-ending burden

Every Skyrim player has faced this conundrum at some point. You’ve barely begun your journey into a dungeon, and your inventory is already brimming with items. Yet, Skyrim consistently presents you with alluring caves that beckon to be explored.

Consequently, you find yourself grappling with the tough choice of which prized possessions to abandon in order to make room for new loot. Perhaps it’s finally time to part ways with the excessive number of cheese wheels cluttering your inventory.

14. The recurring struggle: Mage or archer?

Skyrim offers a plethora of character development options, providing new experiences each time you play. You might start a new game with the intention of mastering the art of illusion magic, but far too often, you end up reverting to the trusty bow and arrow during critical moments.

Stealthily navigating caves to maximize damage becomes an irresistible tactic. Is this due to an imbalance in gameplay, or is it simply because this playstyle is too enjoyable to resist?

13. Dragons: Less formidable than they appear

In Skyrim, dragons are portrayed as the ultimate menace. The mere sound of their colossal wings beating sends villagers into a frenzy of terror. While the named dragons might initially strike fear into your heart, their threat level is no greater than that of a generic “Blood Dragon” or “Frost Dragon.” Unfortunately, these encounters prove to be rather anticlimactic, as all dragons share the same predictable moveset.

The NPCs may dread the presence of these creatures, but players will soon discover how easily they can be vanquished. As the Dragonborn, your primary advantage lies in absorbing dragon souls to acquire new Shouts, not necessarily being a legendary dragon slayer. Even the city guards can efficiently bring down these beasts using basic bows and arrows.

12. The curious case of Skyrim’s horses

Skyrim’s horses seem to have an issue with self-preservation. Their valiant commitment to participating in every battle is commendable; however, their limited health points often lead to their untimely demise. Consequently, the Dragonborn finds themselves stranded without a mount amidst the vast wilderness.

11. A rags-to-riches journey in record time

Skyrim’s economic system appears to be fundamentally flawed. The Dragonborn begins their adventure as a penniless prisoner, only to rapidly amass a fortune and become a veritable millionaire. This rapid accumulation of wealth undermines the value of currency, making even the most expensive items seem trivial. A more engaging gameplay experience would involve working hard to earn a new weapon or the keys to your own home.

10. The delicate balance of modding

One of the reasons Skyrim remains so popular is the near-limitless customization potential through the use of mods. Players can enhance graphics, streamline the inventory system, or even transform all spiders into Spider-Man. However, there is a tipping point when even the most mod-friendly game becomes overwhelmed and crashes, raising the question of how many mods are too many.

9. A leisurely pace in a land under siege

With dragons swarming Skyrim, the Blades seeking your aid, and the Greybeards urging you to follow the Way of the Voice, one would expect a sense of urgency. However, the game allows you to embark on whimsical side quests, like assisting a talking dog or collecting plants for an NPC, with no time constraints.

The main storyline implies that grave danger looms over the land due to the dragon invasion and Civil War, yet there’s no pressure to act swiftly. The game world is content to wait indefinitely for the Dragonborn to progress the main plot, regardless of how many in-game years pass.

8. The insufferable children of Skyrim

Who in Bethesda decided that nearly every child in Skyrim should be an impudent, snarky brat? While it’s true that children can be cruel, most would likely think twice before taunting a towering orc clad in Daedric armor. Perhaps the children’s brazen behavior stems from the knowledge that they are, in fact, immortal.

7. Why does everyone in Skyrim share the same voice?

Conversations are abundant in the world of Skyrim. While it’s unreasonable to expect Bethesda to assign unique voices to each of the game’s numerous inhabitants, it becomes increasingly apparent that every city guard across the land shares the same vocal tones. This issue is particularly pronounced in the other dubbed versions, where it’s not uncommon for two characters engaged in a conversation to possess identical voices, detracting from the immersive experience.

6. The dragon dilemma

While dragons are undeniably awe-inspiring, their charm begins to wane after hundreds of hours spent in Skyrim. During a leisurely stroll through the game’s beautiful landscapes, the sudden onset of boss music and the need to defend oneself against yet another fire-breathing beast can be irksome. These once-epic encounters gradually lose their significance as they become repetitive and tiresome.

5. Lydia, please step aside!

First and foremost, let’s acknowledge that companions are indeed fantastic assets. They assist the Dragonborn in combat and, crucially, serve as convenient pack mules for your ever-growing collection of belongings. However, all of that gratitude vanishes when Lydia decides to block your path in a narrow doorway, stubbornly refusing to budge. Please, Lydia, move out of the way! I am your thane, after all!

4. Time waits for no one, except the Dragonborn

Skyrim features a day and night cycle, which can lead to dramatic changes in the environment as you explore. While your Dragonborn character doesn’t require sleep, the same isn’t true for other NPCs. After completing a quest, you might find the quest-giver asleep in their bed.

Thankfully, the game allows you to “Wait” and instantly advance time. By Sleeping and Waiting, you can manipulate time, making the game easier and eliminating any sense of challenge. When a quest giver asks you to meet them at night, you can simply “Wait” and avoid any effort.

3. Nazeem, your condescension is noted

Nazeem is arguably the most obnoxious non-playable character (NPC) in all of Skyrim. Regardless of how long you’ve roamed the city of Whiterun, or how valuable your equipment may be, this haughty Redguard never hesitates to offer unsolicited, snide remarks and mock your accomplishments. The urge to save the game and… well, you get the idea, is difficult to resist.

2. A whirlwind of alchemical confusion

One of Skyrim’s most impressive features is the multitude of ways players can tackle the various challenges the game presents. However, when it comes to alchemy, Bethesda may have gone a bit overboard. The sheer number of potions that accumulate in your inventory can be overwhelming. Let’s be honest, how frequently do you genuinely require a measly three percent increase in lightning resistance for a mere ten seconds?

1. Pledging allegiance to multiple deities

In the continent of Tamriel, the inhabitants worship nine distinct Gods, each with their unique sphere of influence. Some Gods, like Mara, grant tangible benefits, such as providing blessings for those intending to marry. Conversely, the sixteen Daedric Princes demand your soul in exchange for their assistance. Should you agree and fulfill their nefarious requests, they bestow upon you potent weapons and armor.

The tasks required by the Daedra are often more sinister than those of regular NPCs, sometimes involving angering villagers or abducting a specific person for sacrifice. Strangely, there are no repercussions for pledging your soul to multiple gods, who seemingly remain oblivious to your other allegiances.

In conclusion, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game that has enraptured countless players with its expansive world and immersive gameplay. Yet, it is the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the game that have forged some of the most memorable moments for its fans. From irritating NPCs to the ever-present dragon encounters, these peculiarities have become an essential part of the Skyrim experience.

While these imperfections might test our patience, they ultimately contribute to the charm and allure of this beloved RPG. In embracing the game’s eccentricities, we can appreciate the rich, unforgettable journey that Skyrim offers, and treasure the countless hours spent exploring its vast and enchanting realm.

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