World of Warcraft Classic to Officially Incorporate Popular Fan Mod ‘Hardcore Mode’

Once you're dead, there's no coming back.

Blizzard has recently declared its plans to integrate official servers of the much-loved ‘Hardcore Mode’ into the World of Warcraft Classic. This mode is a fan modification that has gained substantial popularity among the players of the iconic MMO. While the developers intended to retain the core principles of the mod, they have also introduced several new game mechanics into the mix.

As reported by PCGamesN, Blizzard made this exciting announcement during a broadcast hosted by streamer Sarthe. The basic gameplay rules remain unchanged, mirroring the standard World of Warcraft game, with one crucial difference: death in the game is irreversible.

Once a player’s character dies, there’s no way to resurrect it. The official tweet from the game’s profile teased, “Spiritual healers are on standby. The official Classic Hardcore servers are on their way. Stay tuned for more information.”

The Ghostly Afterlife and ‘Duel to the Death’

Nevertheless, the developers have decided to introduce a feature that allows limited gameplay as a ghost, aimed at addressing ‘logistical issues.’ For instance, if the guild leader’s character perishes, they can, as a ghost, pass on the leadership to another guild member. Additionally, they can interact with friends who were offline at the time of their character’s demise.

A thrilling new feature, ‘Duel to the Death’, is also on the horizon. As the name implies, this style of duel continues not until one participant’s health dwindles to a single point, but until one of the combatants is completely defeated. Players can initiate this battle mode using the “/makgora” command.

Launch of the Official Hardcore Servers

world of warcraft classic

Blizzard plans to launch the official Hardcore servers this summer. These servers will not be mere transformations of existing ones but will be entirely new ‘worlds.’ To ensure a smooth and satisfactory gaming experience, Blizzard intends to initially launch a public test server to gather player feedback and rectify any identified bugs.

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