Explore Starfield’s Universe with Animated Shorts: Building the Hype for the Upcoming RPG

Bethesda's Starfield gets the hype rolling with captivating animated shorts, offering a taste of the game's diverse galaxy.


Bethesda is breaking the silence surrounding Starfield’s development by igniting the hype with the release of The Settled Systems – a compilation of three animated shorts that takes players on a journey through the game’s vast universe.

Supra et Ultra: Above and Beyond

The first short, “Supra et Ultra,” Latin for “Above and Beyond,” introduces us to a skilled pilot seeking to enlist in the Vanguard, the military faction of The United Colonies.

As the narrative unfolds, players are treated to a thrilling space battle, showcasing the pilot’s adventures in New Atlantis. While the animation may seem minimalistic at times, it serves as a deliberate stylistic choice, ultimately delivering a visually captivating experience.

Where Hope Is Built: A Tale of Resilience

“Where Hope Is Built” offers a heartwarming tale of a teen orphaned by war, who comes to the aid of an elderly man, receiving much-needed help in return. This endearing short, while adhering to a familiar formula, reassures players that engaging side quests will be an integral part of the Starfield experience.

The Hand That Feeds: Choices and Consequences

“The Hand That Feeds” follows a Neon City scoundrel entangled in a heist gone awry, leading to a change of heart during a robbery at Ryuijin Industries, a powerful mega-corporation.

The captivating short illustrates the scoundrel’s unexpected fallout with her partner, eventually leading her to land a job at her would-be victim’s megacorp. This intriguing narrative hints at the game’s emphasis on diverse outcomes stemming from seemingly simple situations.

While it remains uncertain if these characters will make appearances in the game, these animated shorts undoubtedly provide players with an exciting glimpse into the vast and dynamic universe that Starfield promises to offer.

As the game’s release date approaches on September 6, 2023, for Xbox Series X|S and PC, fans can expect more thrilling promotional content to fuel their anticipation for this highly anticipated RPG.

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