Ayaneo Unveils Upcoming Rival to Steam Deck: Meet the Ayaneo KUN

Ayaneo's KUN enters the mobile PC gaming arena, offering power-packed features, but at a notable cost.

Ayaneo KUN

While the Steam Deck has claimed a significant presence in the realm of portable PC gaming, competitors are stepping up to challenge its dominance. Joining the ranks of contenders like ASUS ROG Ally and the rumored Lenovo Legion GO is a new player: Ayaneo.

A New Rival Emerges: Ayaneo, a relatively new Chinese company, has already thrown its hat into the ring with previous portable devices, taking on the Steam Deck. Now, their latest creation, the Ayaneo KUN, is on the horizon. This device boasts impressive specifications and features, aiming to carve a niche in the emerging handheld gaming market.

The Ayaneo KUN comes equipped with a “super large” 1600p screen, powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 APU. Notably, it packs a substantial battery and incorporates various touch features to enhance the gaming experience.

Cost and Comparisons

The Ayaneo KUN is slated for an anticipated release in October. However, the added power comes at a price—potential buyers should be prepared to invest at least $999 for this device. In return for the higher cost, the Ayaneo KUN offers superior performance when compared to the Steam Deck.

The basic model includes 512GB of storage, while the top-tier version (which might cost around $1,700 or more) boasts a whopping 4TB of storage and 64GB of RAM. These specifications present a robust competitor to Valve’s system.

With a 75Wh battery, the Ayaneo KUN presents itself as a promising contender that could potentially outshine the Steam Deck. However, the higher price tag acts as a significant entry barrier for many gamers.

The upcoming influx of mobile gaming devices suggests a changing landscape. Valve, the creator of the Steam Deck, will need to maintain a proactive stance to retain its leading position in the market. As competition intensifies, players can look forward to a broader range of options in the realm of portable PC gaming.

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