Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The London Case Review – Relaxed Virtual Mystery Solving at its Finest

Making a Comeback: Hercule Poirot's Newest Case

The quintessential detective Hercule Poirot has captivated mystery lovers for decades through Agatha Christie’s beloved novels and short stories. Known for his “little grey cells,” impeccable grooming, and Egg-shaped head, Poirot haspreviously been adapted into movies, TV shows, plays, and video games. The latest interactive iteration is Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The London Case, developed by Blazing Griffin and published by Microids.

This point-and-click adventure game follows the iconic Belgian sleuth on a new case set in pre-war London. Poirot must team up with his friend Arthur Hastings to transport and protect a valuable painting for an upcoming exhibition. But when the artwork goes missing on opening night, they find themselves embroiled in a twisting mystery ripe for Poirot’s deductive skills. Players step into the polished shoes of Hercule Poirot, gathering clues, questioning colorful suspects, and piecing together the truth behind the theft.

In this review, we’ll take a close look at Poirot’s newest investigative escapade on consoles and PC. How does The London Case stack up to past games and adaptations featuring Christie’s prolific detective? Does it faithfully capture the charm and intrigue of the source material? We’ll examine the story, gameplay, graphics, critical reception and more to see if this case is worth cracking for Poirot fans and armchair detectives alike. Sit back, twirl that magnificent mustache, and let’s delve into Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The London Case!

Captivating Mystery in Classic Christie Style

Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The London Case weaves an engaging whodunit that should delight fans of the famed author’s works. While the game takes place in a new original story, the writing convincingly mimics Christie’s distinctive voice. The charming characters, witty dialogue, and abundantly layered plot capture the spirit of Poirot’s literary tales.

The mystery unfurls after a priceless painting goes missing from a London museum on opening night. What begins as a straightforward case of theft leads Poirot down a winding trail of forgeries, secret identities, and murder. The story masterfully doles out twists to keep players guessing until the final reveal.

Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot The London Case Review

While the game doesn’t adapt any specific Poirot novel, the setting transports players convincingly to 1930s London. The environments encompass posh galleries, seedy pawn shops, grand manors, and more. Meticulous period details immerse you in the era, from fabulous Art Deco interiors to vintage automobiles. Clothing, architecture, music, and other touches bolster the pre-war atmosphere.

The cast of eccentrics Poirot encounters also fit right into Christie’s wheelhouse. There’s a bombastic theatre star, a mild-mannered reverend, a spunky jazz singer, and other vibrant personalities to interrogate. The voice acting brings these quirky figures to life with aplomb. And Poirot’s exchanges with the ever-befuddled Arthur Hastings will delight devotees of the duo.

While Clocking in at a modest 6-8 hours, the story doesn’t overstay its welcome. The writing adeptly juggles multiple threads without losing focus. Come the dramatic conclusion at the museum gala, players should feel satisfied by the complete narrative. Overall, The London Case delivers a charmingly crafted mystery true to Agatha Christie’s signature style. The story and setting provide immersive and entertaining Golden Age sleuthing.

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Classic Sleuthing with Accessible Gameplay

As a point-and-click adventure title, Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The London Case features intuitive gameplay perfect for first-time detectives. Players take control of Poirot from a third-person perspective, interacting with environments and characters by selecting icons and menu choices. While the mechanics stay simple throughout, they properly capture the methodical process of gathering clues, piecing together deductions, and solving puzzles.

Exploring locations like the museum, pawn shop, and manor house involves scouring the detailed backdrops for clues. Interactive objects produce observations when examined, generating vital facts for Poirot’s investigation. The interface clearly highlights interactive elements, keeping pixel hunting frustrations at bay. While playing as the famously fastidious Belgian, the methodical pace feels appropriate rather than tedious.

Dialogue options expand as the mystery progresses, allowing Poirot to gradually extract key details from the eccentric suspects and witnesses. The conversations feel reactive, with characters acknowledging Poirot’s probing. While the interrogations could be more complex, the writing conveys a natural back-and-forth as new evidence comes to light.

Connecting clues to reach conclusions relies on Poirot’s “little grey cells” via deductive mind maps. Linking related facts and evidence through simple logic puzzles satisfactorily captures Poirot’s deductive process. The game provides gentle nudges if players struggle, ensuring you never hit a dead end. Additional challenges come from presenting the right proof during interrogations, rewarding attentive listening and note taking.

While Poirot’s feats of deduction may seem impossible to replicate, the gameplay simplifications make players feel like master sleuths. The challenges strike an approachable balance for newcomers without boring experts. And helpful difficulty options allow players to bypass trickier puzzles entirely. With a leisurely 6-8 hour playtime, the game encourages replaying to find new clues and conclusions.

Short load times, intuitive controls, and minimal backtracking also avoid point-and-click pitfalls. The London Case shows clear care in honoring Poirot’s deductive style while crafting an inclusive experience. The relaxed gameplay creates an engrossing investigative flow accessible for long-time detectives and novices alike. While it may not tax hardened puzzle fans, the game shines as a gentle introduction to virtual sleuthing. Just like reading a Christie novel, the satisfaction comes less from difficulty and more the journey of discovery.

Captivating Visuals and Sounds

While Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The London Case doesn’t boast cutting-edge graphics, its visual presentation excellently captures the vintage tone. The environments brim with period details and stylish aesthetics to complement the 1930s setting.

The backdrops like the museum gala or pawn shop interior feel vibrant and lifelike. Small touches like flickering candles, falling rain, and shafts of light through stained glass really help the scenes come alive. The detailed props similarly enhance the authentic atmosphere.

Character models sadly fare worse than environments due to stiffness and limited animations. The exaggerated facial expressions and somewhat doll-like appearances can seem distracting. But the distinct outfits and costumes still convey personality, from Poirot’s dapper suit to the Bohemian jazz singer’s flair. And while Poirot himself moves slowly during exploration, his refined gait suits the careful investigative pace.

The cinematic camera work further brings both story beats and deductive scenes to life. Dynamic camera angles heighten the drama of tense exchanges and shocking revelations. Tracking shots following Poirot also help avoid repetitive scenes. Coupled with effective editing and mise-en-scene, the cinematics capture a pleasingly vintage film aesthetic.

Complementing the visuals, the audio design shines through subdued orchestral soundtrack and convincing ambient noise. Rain pattering against windows or footsteps echoing in stone halls provide immersive environmental depth. The excellent foley work makes even mundane actions like opening drawers or flipping pages satisfying.

The voice acting also impresses, bringing the colorful cast of suspects and confidants to life. While Sync issues undermine the lip movements, the dialogue still delivers. Optional French and English voice overs let players choose the preferred performance style. Altogether, the audio and visuals craft an effectively engrossing world. Subtle imperfections aside, the presentation shows admirable attention to atmospheric detail.

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A Slow Burn Mystery Worth Investigating

While Hercule Poirot: The London Case doesn’t reinvent virtual detective work, it provides a satisfying and accessible experience for mystery fans. A close analysis of its merits and missteps reveals a flawed but enjoyable addition to the iconic sleuth’s video game cases.

Starting with strengths, the intricate original mystery tops the list. Christie fans will appreciate how the writing authentically captures the author’s subtle humor and baroque plotting. The story masterfully balances multiple threads without losing coherence. Supporting characters also live up to Christie’s penchant for eccentric personalities.

The setting vividly channels 1930s London, with lavish set dressing transporting players convincingly to the era. Historically accurate details from costuming to architecture bolster the period flavor. Locations like the museum, theatre, and jazz club allow plenty of flavorful scenic variety.

The relaxed gameplay also works in the game’s favor, presenting a smooth routine of clue finding, suspect grilling, and deduction making. While light on difficulty, the investigative workflow feels natural without frustrating roadblocks. Newcomers especially will appreciate the gentle learning curve.

However, longtime detective game fans may find the experience too straightforward. The lack of high stakes when questioning suspects or presenting evidence saps tension. And predictable logic puzzles won’t tax seasoned players.

Visually, the environments fare better than the unexpressive character models. Stilted movements and facial animation feel dated. But the cinematic camerawork still effectively punctuates key moments. The audio production fares better across the board with convincing effects and score.

Pacing issues also drag down the experience somewhat. The opening chapters take too long to gain momentum. And padding chapters with procedural tasks like locating a missing cat seem unnecessary. But once the core mystery kicks into gear, the intrigue remains through the finale.

Overall, Hercule Poirot: The London Case deserves modest praise as an accessible and polished interactive mystery. In spite of some dated presentation and pacing problems, the strong writing and intuitive gameplay make for cozy sleuthing fun. It may not rival Christie’s finest work, but should gratify the character’s devotees. This undemanding case still lets players comfortably enjoy Poirot’s remarkable deductions.

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Wrapping Up the Case

While far from revolutionary, Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The London Case provides a sufficiently entertaining interactive take on the renowned sleuth. Its relaxed gameplay makes for accessible virtual detective work, even if the experience lacks difficulty. The original mystery should please Christie fans, even if some presentational elements show their age.

Ultimately, this low-key case earns a modest recommendation for the right audience. Casual mystery lovers looking for light sleuthing action will find an intriguing story with straightforward gameplay. The themes and mature tone make it best suited for teen and adult players. And Christie devotees will welcome another quality game outing for their favorite eccentric detective.

However, gamers seeking intense deduction challenges or high production values may leave disappointed. And the slow opening chapters could test some players’ patience. But armchair detectives willing to overlook its issues will still gain 6-8 hours of vintage Poirot intrigue.

In closing, The London Case accomplishes what it sets out to do: craft an accessible and faithful Poirot experience. While a slow burn, its steady tempo should appeal to patient players savoring every clue. So gather those grey cells, polish up the mustache, and embark on this new original case for one of mystery fiction’s greatest detectives. Just approach it like a relaxing Sunday afternoon whodunit rather than an urgent thriller. But for the right audience, The London Case offers an inviting opportunity to become the iconic sleuth.

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The Review

Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot: The London Case

7 Score

Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot: The London Case succeeds as an easygoing and faithful interactive mystery for fans of the renowned sleuth. While the experience lacks deeper gameplay challenges or standout presentation, its relaxed investigative rhythm should thoroughly engage Christie devotees. Patient players in the market for light virtual case-cracking will find an intriguing original Poirot story to uncover. Just don't expect an intense thriller. As a comfortable accompaniment to a lazy Sunday afternoon, The London Case is a modest but pleasurable new casebook entry.


  • Engaging original mystery story written in Christie's signature style
  • Faithful representation of Poirot and his deductive process
  • Strong recreation of 1930s London setting and atmosphere
  • Accessible point-and-click exploration and puzzle solving
  • Relaxed, low-pressure gameplay for new detectives
  • Excellent voice acting brings characters to life
  • Atmospheric environments and cinematics


  • Lack of gameplay challenge will disappoint hardcore fans
  • Dated character animations and graphics
  • Slow pacing and filler chapters
  • Opening chapters too slow to get story going
  • Interrogation and evidence system too simplistic
  • Occasional issues with controls and interactions

Review Breakdown

  • Score 7
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