Everything Puppies Review: The Good, the Cuddly, and the Meh

A Fluffy Underdog Story Wins Hearts

Everything Puppies introduces us to Scarlett, a driven young woman with a passion for anything canine. Her latest project is developing a recipe for healthy dog treats, which she markets under the name Pup’s Palate. After many rejections from pet stores, the kind-hearted manager of one store takes a chance on her product. As sales take off, Scarlett finds herself going head-to-head with the cutthroat CEO of a rival company called Pup Chuck.

Scarlett’s drive to succeed also clashes with Alex’s views on maintaining a work-life balance. As their romance blooms, they’ll need to find understanding. Meanwhile, Pup Chuck will stop at nothing to dominate the market, even sabotage. Outnumbered and outgunned, can Scarlett and her pals prevail with determination, teamwork, and a little luck?

Juggling puppy love with cutthroat business, Everything Puppies delivers light-hearted fun typical of the Hallmark style. Focusing on community, compassion, and, of course, our furry friends, this feel-good flick offers light-hearted escapism for animal and romance fans alike.

Meet the Players

Our story focuses on driven dog lover Scarlett Townsend. As CEO of her pet company, Scarlett pours heart and soul into creations meant to bring humans and canines closer. Her latest creation is a tasty dog treat called Pup’s Palate. Scarett hopes it will be a hit, but convincing stores to give an unknown brand shelf space won’t be easy.

Lending a helping hand is Alex, the thoughtful manager of Paws & Wellness pet store. Loyal to his furry friends and community, Alex sees the treat’s potential when his own pup goes wild for it. As Scarlett’s business battle heats up, their shared passion sparks a romance. But with Scarlett laser-focused on success, finding balance won’t be straightforward.

Standing in Scarlett’s way is the cutthroat CEO of rival Pup Chuck, Paul Frasca. A businessman through and through, Paul cares only for the bottom line. He’ll pull out all the stops to sabotage upstarts and keep his top spot. Darrin Baker brings Paul to snide, scenery-chewing life with a perfectly punchable personality.

Supporting players also shine. Kathryn Davis is a delight as Scarlett’s steadfast friend and partner. And a special shout-out goes to the uncredited actor playing Scarlett’s father for bringing warmth amid the chaos of his busy puppy home. With a talented cast sharing their love of dogs, this tail is guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings.

The Treat that Starts It All

Scarlett’s irresistible Pup’s Palate is what first draws our leads together. As manager of pet store Paws & Wellness, Alex can’t resist sampling one of Scarlett’s tasty treats. His pup goes crazy for it, convincing Alex to give the unknown brand a chance.

Everything Puppies Review

At their introductory meeting, Scarlett and Alex connect over their shared passion for pets. While he enjoys rock climbing’s thrill, Scarlett one-upped him by cycling across Illinois—on a unicycle, no less. Their lively chat shows a spark is flying.

But igniting a romance won’t be simple. Scarlett throws herself into her business with laser focus. Work is her first priority, with little time for much else. Balance comes naturally to Alex, who values leisure as much as livelihood. Their differing drives create early tension.

Michelle, Alex’s pushy ex, inserts herself as another hurdle. Clinging to the past, she aims to rekindle their flame. But Scarlett isn’t one to let obstacles stand in the way of her goals. As her product and relationship with Alex blossom, Michelle’s interference grows toothless.

Just when Scarlett and Alex seem destined to ride off together, adversity strikes. Corporate greed tries to tear them apart, with Pup Chuck strong-arming stores into dropping Pup’s Palate. Heartbroken, Scarlett doubles down on success, even if it comes at the cost of her personal life.

Through it all, Alex’s support never wavers. And when the moment of truth arrives, his loyalty helps change the game. Scarlett proves not only the quality of her creations but also the power of her spirit. In the end, the treats—and hearts—that brought this unlikely duo together also promised their happily ever after.

Puppy Power Picture Perfect

You just know this movie is going to be cute from that opening shot alone. Nothing but happy pups frolicking in beautiful fields—it’s practically puppy propaganda!

The visuals really set the feel-good tone Hallmark’s known for. Even minor details like costumes get attention, like Scarlett’s fun dog outfit. And the scenic locations transport you from offices to the outdoors.

Of course, what really screams “Hallmark” are the little touches most don’t notice. That sweet soundtrack swaying in the back? It’s practically a character, wrapping the view like a warm hug. And the lighting paints even stressful scenes a rosy hue.

Between the gorgeous golden retrievers and picturesque parks, it’s easy to get distracted. But directing makes the most of its magic moment cues to tug heartstrings. The big picture is that it pulls you in and spills positivity with charm to spare. For fans wanting feel-good fluff, this one delivers like a good boy with a stick!

Winning the Work-Life Fight

This film puts the focus on balancing career and relationships—a common Hallmark theme. Scarlett really throws herself into her puppy treat start-up. It’s like her whole identity! Meanwhile, Alex promotes a better work-life ratio.

Their clashing views caused friction at first. But uniting against the cutthroat corporate rival draws them together. And the CEO is reminding us, “What’s more important, profits or pups?” reminds everyone what truly matters. It seems the message is that your work doesn’t have to rule your life if you prioritize what really counts.

Naturally, the love story follows familiar rom-com steps too. From the initial spark to an obstacle in the form of Alex’s pushy ex always stalking around. Just when it looks like things might not work out between Scarlett and Alex, the underdog victory provides a satisfying resolution.

But this film really sinks its teeth into the little guy vs. big business theme. Scarlett’s Treats is a charming passion project pitted against a greedy megacorp willing to stomp the little pup. Their David and Goliath battle for shelf space keeps things interesting right up to the feel-good finale.

So while the beats may be predictable, it’s the heartwarming message that guarantees this flick gets top marks. It teaches the importance of finding balance without losing sight of your dreams.

On-Screen Chemistry

This film features a pair of performers with fantastic on-screen chemistry. Pascal and Stephen really sell their developing relationship, with some subtly charming moments finding them connecting over shared interests in animals and adventure.

Their banter feels refreshingly real as the duo navigates opposing views on work-life balance. You genuinely root for them to resolve their differences and take the next step. It’s a refreshingly likable romantic pairing in a genre known for cookie-cutter matches.

A standout in the supporting cast comes as no surprise. With barely any time on screen, Darrin Baker leaves an impression as the hiss-worthy villain Paul. He oozes smug arrogance and reckless greed, finding the right blend of cartoonish and threatening. You love watching him get inevitably outmaneuvered.

Kathryn Davis brings her usual warmth and wit as Scarlett’s level-headed friend. However, some performances lack spark. Victoria Maria plays Alex’s ex quite flatly, feeling more like a basic plot device than a fleshed-out character. And the film could have deepened secondary roles like Scarlett’s father further.

But shining brightest are leads whose palpable chemistry lifts a routine story into something rather sweet. Their likable dynamics give viewers plenty to root for throughout.

Fur-ocious Fun with Flaws

This film had some clear strengths to appreciate. The puppy cuteness delivered as promised, providing regular doses of fuzziness to lift the mood. Meanwhile, the battle against a villainously greedy rival made for a cheer-worthy story of underdogs fighting big business bullies.

Yet cute canines and a feisty heroine could only take the movie so far in smoothing over certain shortcomings. For one, the romance lacked spark between leads with minimal chemistry. Too often as well, the dialogue dipped into schmaltzy territory. Some may find the workplace antics veered too close to farce over realism too.

Overall, while far from a cinematic masterpiece, it remains a passably lighthearted way to while away 90 minutes if you’re seeking feel-good fluff. Fans of adorable animals and rooting for small fry will find plenty here to engage them. Just go in with flexible standards and don’t scrutinize details too closely.

As for recommendations, this makes for a fine rental if you’ve exhausted your stash of similar fare or simply yearn for some low-stakes fun. Just set expectations accordingly so that it won’t reinvent any wheels. But for fuzzy friend fans, its furry friends alone could be worth watching.

The Review

Everything Puppies

5 Score

While Everything Puppies provides fleeting amusement through frolicking canines and a scrappy underdog story, fundamental flaws in characterization and chemical-lacking romance hold it back from reaching its full entertainment potential. Ultimately, this feels like a forgettable filler flick for Hallmark's lineup rather than a standout. It's good for very light, low-commitment viewing, but don't expect much in the way of memorable moments, performances, or depth.


  • Cute puppy scenes provide lighthearted enjoyment.
  • Rooting interest in small businesses battling corporate rivals
  • Brief performances like the villain stand out from crowds.


  • Flat romance with poor chemistry between leads
  • A predictable, cookie-cutter plot loses steam over time.
  • One-dimensional supporting characters lack depth.
  • Schmaltzy dialogue and unrealistic workplace depictions

Review Breakdown

  • Overall 5
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