Evil Season 4 Review: Bolder, Funnier, and Driven with Devilish Purpose

Setting the Stage for the Shocking Finale with a Palpable Sense of Dread

The supernatural drama Evil is set to air its highly anticipated fourth season, and fans won’t want to miss how this unforgettable story concludes. Evil revolves around psychologist Kristen, priest David, and tech expert Ben, who investigate cases of alleged demonic possession. They work with the Catholic Church to determine if incidents are truly the work of evil spirits or have natural explanations.

This unconventional trio makes up the show’s “assessors team,”  taking on mysterious assignments each episode that raise complex questions about science and religion. Their investigations regularly lead them to unexpected places, from haunted homes to secret scientific experiments. Throughout it all, the characters have developed a strong bond, and their dynamic keeps viewers entertained with fun banter.

Now in its final season, Evil looks set to raise the stakes even higher. Long-running storylines start reaching their climaxes as the forces of good and evil engage in an ultimate battle. Viewers have been kept guessing about the true nature of the supernatural presences in this world. As the end approaches, will we finally get some answers? With their creativity and dedication to chilling audiences, the makers of Evil are sure to go out with a truly memorable season.

Episode Insights

The season premiere wastes no time diving into the aftermath of shocking events. Kristen is confronted with an unexpected situation during an uncomfortable baby shower surprise. She reacts unexpectedly with humor rather than anger, showing growth. Meanwhile, tensions rise between longtime foes as strategic plans are altered. Loyalties are questioned as the journey progresses.

The second episode delves further into exploring new developments. Old wounds are revisited through unusual assignments, stirring up intense emotions just below the surface. A familiar face reappears, linking the past and present in curious ways. Investigations lead down perplexing paths with implications not yet understood, keeping viewers constantly guessing.

A chilling mystery unfolds in the third episode as our assessors are called to a remote farm. Strange games and internet discussions hint at larger threats emerging in the shadows. Disturbing discoveries are made among unnerving surroundings, raising disturbing questions about deception and influence. The revelation leaves an unease long after credits roll.

New threats continue to emerge in the penultimate episode. Uncanny encounters shake a character’s worldview to the core. Unexplained phenomena defy rational explanation, even as science is used to try and make sense of the unnatural. Long-running storyline seeds begin to bloom as the season builds to a climax, leaving audiences on edge for what’s yet to come.

Possessed Pork and Particle Portals

We rejoin our favorite trio of investigators right where season three left off—with a baby shower celebration that turns out to be for the surrogate carrying the antichrist child of Leland and Kristen’s stolen egg. True to form, Kristen is decidedly unenthused by this development. Her nonchalant response sets the tone for a season that promises to take the wild mythology to the next level.

Evil Season 4 Review

Indeed, Evil wastes no time resolving that lurking cliffhanger, introducing the newly arrived infant shortly thereafter. But there’s greater challenges ahead for our heroes as supernatural threats, both new and familiar, loom large. Old nemeses like Leland and Sheryl continue scheming, while Ben finds himself increasingly tormented by a persistent Djinn.

David, too, is pulled deeper into the strange workings of the secretive entity and its covert missions. As his psychic gifts develop, they also threaten to destabilize and enrage him in disturbing ways. Even simple cases have a habit of growing complex, like reports of a mysterious computer virus or an alleged werewolf haunting a rural graveyard.

Underneath the humor and hijinks, however, lies a darker undercurrent, with the season four subtext of science gone wrong. The possessed pork plaguing a farm and a potentially world-ending particle accelerator opening portals to Hell see our investigators delving into realms of science fiction and fantasy. Yet through it all, they remain united in facing the unknown, leaning on their unbreakable bond to withstand even the most sinister of supernatural storms.

With major plot threads advancing and new mysteries unfolding, Evil Season 4 looks primed to go out with a bang only the series’ singular style could provide. Replete with callbacks, in-jokes, and further developing fan favorite characters, devoted viewers are in for a deeply satisfying conclusion.

The Demon Hunters

Dr. Kristen Bouchard faces her toughest challenges yet this season. As a psychologist, she’s used to unraveling the hidden depths of the human mind. But now demons haunt her family more directly, and her sisterhood grows strained with her mother Sheryl’s disturbing alliance. Kristen wrestles with her faith in science and the spiritual forces now disrupting her life.

Father David Acosta’s own beliefs undergo strain as powerful as Kristen’s doubts. A man devoted to serving God, David finds the bounds of his sacred duties tested by strange assignments from the mysterious entity. His abilities grow in uncanny ways, yet they bring turmoil instead of peace. Under his composed exterior, private storms rage.

Security engineer Ben Shakir thinks he is a rational man. But recurring encounters with the supernatural shake the foundations of Ben’s skepticism. A sinister jinn shadows his steps, taunting Ben with visions that question the nature of reality itself. As the anomalies multiply, can even his technical expertise withstand the terror unfolding around our trio of investigators?

These demon hunters walk treacherous paths this season, yet they find anchor in each other. Though dark mysteries assail them, their friendship proves the light strong enough to keep the darkness at bay—at least for now, as Evil’s apocalyptic finale looms ever closer.

Supporting Characters

Michael Emerson and Christine Lahti shine as the demonic Leland and the ambitious Sheryl. Leland seeks to corrupt humanity through sinister plans, yet finds that parenting a colicky baby challenges even his wickedness.

Meanwhile, Sheryl grows frustrated with her work for evil’s bureaucracy, wanting more than a role supporting Leland. She remains fiercely protective of her family too, ensuring their safety despite betraying their trust. Together, this archnemesis duo drives key mysteries, their complex feelings for each other, and conflicting goals, ensuring many thrills are ahead.

Andrea Martin is a standout as the sister who battles demons physically as fervently as she enjoys life’s simple pleasures. With her habit not hindering either trait, Other church experts lend expertise to investigations in less overt but no less crucial ways. From guiding psychic talents to questioning doctrine, their varied roles highlight issues of faith. Whether wrestling darkness or navigating doubts, each character shows spiritual matters reside in life’s everyday as much as in sacred texts or ceremonies.

Exciting additions include those linked to new mysteries as well as unexpected returns. One involves an eccentric scientist whose work opens something best left shut. Others touch investigating minds in unforeseen ways, pushing perceptions in ways that reassuring answers may not cure.

As ever, new players ensure the familiar feels fresh, central relationships feel tested, and overarching drives feel ripe with replay. Through it all, Evil beautifully balances chills, humor, profundity, and pop fun to enrich its compelling world anew until the very end.

The Spectre of Society

Evil retains its tonal balancing act this season, blending horror and humor with a deft hand. The absurd antics and devilish wit keep viewers entertained even in unsettling scenes. From possessed pigs to particle colliders, supernatural mysteries are embedded in familiar real-world fears around technology, media, and corruption. This lends discomfort an entertaining edge and hints at deeper allegories.

More dire beneath the surface, social themes take shape as demonic forces. Conflicting realities leave characters questioning their sanity, reminiscent of the distrust of the internet era. Personal demons too plague our assessors, with internal struggles surfacing amid stressors both mystical and mundane. Their anchor remains friendship despite turbulence, finding lightness even in darkness through solidarity.

Lighter fare offsets disturbing plots, yet suspense still simmers. Laughter provides respite from mysteries left chillingly unsolved. Answers remain scarce while tensions mount between the human and otherworldly realms.

Calm rationality contrasts chilling irrationality as balance tips toward doom. Our protagonists confront humanity’s fate together, though what comes remains clouded in the shadow of society, seen through a glass darkly. Only bonds of understanding can illuminate the way.

Closure and Karma

Evil left us with more questions than answers throughout its run, but one thing is clear: this exceptional series is going out on a high note. Season 4 brings all the terrifying fun we’ve come to expect while driving long-running storylines forward with real purpose.

The first four episodes hint at shocks to come without spoiling the journey. We see our heroes pushed further than ever as the season embraces its darker themes. Yet underneath the scares is still that brilliant streak of humor. Despite facing down demons and mad scientists, these characters always find comfort in each other. Their bond makes even the Macabre feel warm.

For a show so concerned with religion and morality, it’s fitting that evil will have its last word. By crafting a satisfying ending instead of an open one, Robert and Michelle King are paying viewers back with thoughtfulness. We live in an era where many shows leave us hanging, but evil makes sure every thread will conclude like it deserves.

When all is said and done, this series will stay with fans as one of TV’s most original visions. It challenged artists and audiences alike, combining social commentary with true chills. Evil proved that darkness can be balanced with humor and humanity. Most memorable of all, it reminded us that even in a godless world, unity can defeat whatever evils may come. Its legacy is one of hope.

The Review

Evil Season 4

10 Score

Evil goes out as it came in—boldly swinging for the fences. Across four terrific seasons, the show has cemented its status as one of the small screen's most thrillingly bizarre rides. While its cryptic nature leaves some mysteries unsolved, Season 4 sets fans up for a finale that promises to tie its thematic knots with care. Evil took us to the darker corners of our imagination and sparked thought-provoking conversations along the way. It will be greatly missed, but its memorable impact endures.


  • Unique, bizarre tone and style, unlike any other show
  • Terrific cast with strong chemistry between leads
  • Blends horror, humor, and social commentary effectively.
  • Raises thought-provoking questions about faith and morality.
  • Drives complex season-long storylines forward in satisfying ways.
  • Manages to conclude major plot threads in a fulfilling manner.


  • Cryptic nature leaves some mysteries unanswered.
  • Aiming to unsettle and confuse viewers won't appeal to all tastes.
  • Allegorical storytelling may frustrate those wanting clear answers.

Review Breakdown

  • Overall 10
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