Ryan Gosling’s Marvel Dream Role Could Fuel the MCU’s Supernatural Future

The acclaimed actor is eager to bring Ghost Rider's hellish spirit of vengeance to the MCU as it expands its supernatural universe.

ryan gosling

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe enters its supernatural Phase 6, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars is revving his engine to potentially join the franchise in aRole perfectly suited for the new mystic era – Ryan Gosling as the Spirit of Vengeance, Ghost Rider.

The acclaimed actor has made no secret of his desire to portray the fiery antihero, having publicly campaigned for the part multiple times over the years. In a recent podcast interview, Gosling doubled down on his Marvel dream role aspirations.

“I would love to…it would be amazing. Come in [and] be Ghost Rider,” Gosling stated emphatically when asked about joining the MCU as the hellish biker from the Marvel comics.

His co-star Emily Blunt playfully ribbed him about ditching their “badge of honor” of avoiding superhero films, but Gosling held firm in his ghostly ambition.

It’s an enthusiasm that has caught the attention of Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who previously voiced openness to having Gosling bring the supernatural character to life. And with the MCU’s slate expanding into more supernatural and horror-inspired stories, Phase 6 could prove the ideal time to unleash Gosling’s take on Johnny Blaze.

Marvel’s Blade film, hitting theaters November 7, 2025, is poised to be the first major foray into the studio’s darker, monster-filled storytelling. Introducing Gosling’s Ghost Rider alongside Mahershala Ali’s daywalker vampire hunter could help establish the character while teeing up an even bigger team – the Midnight Sons.

Rumored to be in development at Marvel, the Midnight Sons are a supernatural squad that protects the world from evil occult forces. With the MCU establishing magic-based heroes like Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch alongside monstrous characters like Man-Thing and Werewolf by Night, the pieces are falling into place. Gosling’s star power and acting ability could make him an anchor for such an ensemble, should Marvel assemble the Midnight Sons against a threat like the demonic Mephisto down the line.

Of course, before joining a team, Gosling’s Ghost Rider may need a proper solo introduction. The actor has already showcased his talent for gritty action in films like The Nice Guys and the recent Netflix hit The Fall Guy. With his intensity and dry wit, he could perfectly embody Johnny Blaze – a stunt motorcyclist bound to a spirit of fiery supernatural retribution.

While fan castings are one thing, having an A-lister like Gosling so enthusiastically campaigning for the role puts the pressure on Marvel. Feige has voiced his admiration for Gosling and left the door open. As Phase 6 steers the MCU into new, unexplored supernatural territory, having an acclaimed talent like Gosling lead the way as Ghost Rider could be a hell of a good time.

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