The Kardashians Season 5 Review: Krazy, Klassy, Kontemporary Kardashians

Untangling Truths About Co-Parenting and Self-Discovery

The Kardashian family returns with another season of their hit reality show on Hulu. For over fifteen years now, audiences have followed the glamorous and drama-filled lives of Kris Jenner and her daughters. At the center of it all are Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie—five ambitious women who’ve become global icons in their own right.

Season 5 promises more of what we’ve come to love from this famous clan. We’ll be welcomed back into their opulent homes and accompany them on extravagant trips around the world. As always, their boundaries between work and family are ever-blurred.

However, this season finds some of the sisters at personal crossroads. Kourtney awaits the birth of her first child with her new husband, Travis Barker, after a difficult pregnancy. Meanwhile, Khloe navigates new beginnings as a single mother while questioning her role in the business empire.

Change is in the air, but new phases also bring new phases. Momager Kris remains the indefatigable root holding them all together, even as her daughters spread their wings individually. With a new addition on the way, what other life updates and behind-the-scenes drama does Season 5 have in store?

Join the Kardashians once more as their larger-than-life world opens its doors for our viewing pleasure. Whatever transpires, we can rely on its household names to keep us entertained with their inimitable brand of glamour and interfamily dealings.

The Road to Baby Barker

Season 5 of The Kardashians kicks off by catching us up on some major developments within the famous family. Right off the bat, we’re reunited with Kourtney as she opens up about her recent high-risk pregnancy. Viewers learn of the scary health scare and emergency surgery, which thankfully ended up saving both mom and son. It’s easy to see just how much the experience shook Kourt.

We also get a feel for how supportive Travis was during that difficult time. Their relationship is stronger than ever as they eagerly await little Rocky’s arrival. Meanwhile, Kim, as always, has her hands full with work obligations and children. She’s juggling law school, filming, and being supermom to four.

Elsewhere Khloe reflects on co-parenting with Tristan. She keeps busy with family, but it’s clear she’s not quite ready to fully put herself out there again. Speaking of putting oneself out there, Kendall and Kylie head to Paris Fashion Week. While Kylie soaks up the glamour, Kendall vows some changes after feeling typecast on the show.

The premiere builds to Kourtney’s lavish baby shower, where Kris really goes all out with a Disney theme. But a happy occasion takes a turn when Kourtney and Travis test positive for COVID right before. Leave it to these two to still make an appearance, if safely distanced. In true Kardashian fashion, drama and hilarity ensue.

So episode one offers up relationship updates, glimpses of hectic schedules, and hints of tensions to come. It sets the scene for another rollercoaster season with this beloved Bonkers family. Their shenanigans may be unconventional, but it’s their unbreakable bond that keeps viewers coming back for more.

Family at the Forefront

This season of E!’s hit show seems poised to give viewers a candid look at the intricacies of the Kardashian-Jenner family dynamic. Relationships between the sisters are constantly evolving targets of both joy and strain. Kim and Khloe have apparently hit a rough patch, with indications of rising pressure coming to a head. Their rift will be one storyline to watch closely.

The Kardashians Season 5 Review

Meanwhile, Kendall and Kylie continue to strategically curate their more private personas. Fashion Week in Paris provides a professional driving focus for the model, though underlying self-doubts emerge for the beauty mogul. Both younger sisters adeptly maintain intrigue while revealing just enough glimpses of their personal lives.

Matriarch Kris proves herself the steadying nucleus, overseeing her daughters’ empires with a mix of maternal warmth and savvy business sense. Her comedic antics often serve to lighten the load, even during life’s heavier moments. Elsewhere, Scott stays his usual playful self among “the girls” as he supports his children and their mother, Kourtney, through their latest transition.

Of course, Kourtney’s high-risk pregnancy takes center stage as she leans on Travis through medical hurdles and an impending birth. Her candor about such vulnerabilities is a testament to the show’s ability to foster realness in its stars.

Overall, shifting ties and long-brewing tensions within this celebrated clan are poised for the drama and humor that viewers adore. Their dynamic remains the beating heart of the series, for better or worse, as the camera once again invites audiences into the lavish world of America’s famous family.

Courtney’s Careful Journey

This season gives insight into some harrowing health struggles within the Kardashian family. Chief among these is Kourtney’s high-risk pregnancy, which had even the strongest among them fretting. In one chilling scene, Kourt recounts to friends how a routine scan took a scary turn—the doctors noticed an issue and rushed her into urgent surgery mere days later to remove a placental abruption. Being told a mere heart murmur could spell disaster for baby Rocky had Kourt understandably on edge. We see a rare vulnerability as she admits the waiting was torturous.

Thankfully, the operation was a success. But Kourt still faced an uphill battle—complete bed rest under doctors’s orders for weeks posed its own challenges. We can’t fault her for feeling overwhelmed at times.

Yet throughout, her courage and unwillingness to let fear overcome hope for her son’s health are awe-inspiring. Now out of the woods, she looks forward to enjoying her final days before welcoming little Rocky into the world. It’s a reminder like this that, for all their fame and fortune, health scares can hit even the strongest among us.

A few others in the family circle also face physical struggles. Khloe works to maintain her fitness despite lingering issues from a brutal COVID bout. And longtime friend Scott reveals to Kris and Khloe his struggles with a painful pinched nerve in his back, requiring significant medical intervention. Even for those accustomed to riches and relaxation, unexpected hurdles still emerge. But as always, their tight-knit family proves a source of much-needed support during life’s difficulties.

Expanding Empires

The Kardashian sisters certainly don’t slow down when it comes to their booming business endeavors. Kim remains fully devoted to her law studies, as we see her sneaking away calls between meetings. She hopes to continue making an impact on criminal justice reform. Acting has grabbed Kim too, with her role in the hit American Horror Story garnering notice. Clearly, Kim aims high, striving to prove herself in law and entertainment.

Kylie’s empire just grows by the year. Her makeup company is a behemoth, raking in hundreds of millions as Kylie smartly evolves her brands. In Paris, she works to expand her fashion lines, juggling meetings between strutting shows. Though criticism surfaces about her looks, Kylie grits through it with her head held high. She’s come too far to stop now.

Kendall remains a top runway model, working with leading designers. Paris Fashion Week highlights her grace and poise under pressure. Her dedication to practicing new walks pays off on the runway before cheering on fans. Off duty, she relaxes, but passion for her craft is what drives Kendall to keep improving.

As for Khloe, while she is always supportive, she asserts her independence too. Declining offers to join her sisters abroad, she focuses on family; kids truly are her top priority now. Still, she stays curious about entering new ventures and makes time to brainstorm fresh business ideas over lunch. These sisters continue growing their domains season after season, with no signs of their ambitions slowing anytime soon. Their drive to succeed is sure to take them even farther.

Never a Dull Moment

The Kardashians sure know how to court controversy. Their real-life headlines fuel as much buzz as their show, with scandals growing in viewing numbers each season. Season 5 offers no shortage of hot topics.

We witness the fallout from Kylie’s Paris Fashion Week criticism. Rumors swirled that the beauty mogul looked older than her 26 years amid excessive plastic surgery claims. How she handles trolls puts her resilience on display.

Khloé faces ongoing drama with Tristan too. Their on-off romance makes threads after the NBA star’s infidelity. Will they reconcile or split for good? Fans anxiously wait to see how their co-parenting plays out.

Even Kim attracts fire. Critics questioned her acting chops post-American Horror Story. She strives to prove detractors wrong but can’t escape the spotlight, for better or worse.

Fierce debates also emerge around Corey’s alleged involvement in a misconduct case. Viewers watch drama unfold between Kris and her man. Such real-world moments fuel discussion.

The most gripping storyline? There are rising tensions between sisters. Reports tease explosive fights between Khloé and Kim, perhaps their worst disagreement yet. Audiences stay tuned, wondering how their rift may explode.

Through it all, the family sticks together, for better or worse. Supporting each other through messy breakups, scandals, and more, their unbreakable bond keeps viewers invested no matter the scale of chaos. Some complain about their privileged lives, but unrest among the famous brings audiences right back to see what drama ensues next.

With such a bevy of tabloid tales following them, the Kardashians assure Season 5 brings never a dull moment. Their drama translates controversies into water-cooler moments anyone can join in debating. That lifestyle, for good or bad, is what audiences crave and the reason this famous family remains a must-see on TV.

Living it Up in Paris

While the California crews keep things buzzing back home, a few favorite sisters hop the pond for some jet-setting glam in the City of Light. The Jenner pack heads to Paris for all the fashion week festivities.

Kendall owns every catwalk she struts down, expertly rocking haute couture for the likes of Givenchy and Off-White. Cameras capture her fierce stomps and smoldering stares, reminding us all why she remains an A-list supermodel in huge demand. Her poise never wavers under pressure, a testament to experience.

Younger sister Kylie takes it all in from the front row, soaking in sisterly support before basking in the afterglow. Her jaw drops seeing Kendall slay each show with a new wow-worthy look. Paparazzi swarm, of course, snapping shot after shot of her reactions and runway-watching O-faces.

But not all attention stays positive. Rumblings swirl online, critiquing Kylie’s appearance as “too done-up.” Accusations fly that recent tweaks changed her looks from beautiful to barely recognizable. Harsh words sting, raising insecurities we all face.

Despite discouragement, Kylie keeps her chin up. She rocks designer duds with the best of them, painting the town red during late nights out. Kendall remains her rock, distraction, and confidence booster whenever doubts creep in. Their bond stays unshakeable through it all.

So while troubles may test some stars abroad, these sisters shine brightest when standing side by side. Their family bond survives any online vitriol or after-hour antics. Together, they take Paris by storm in true glamorous fashion.

The Kardashian Kingdom Continues

Well, folks, it seems the royal family of reality TV is still going strong after all these years. Season 5 promises more drama, glamour, and personal insights than ever before.

Kourtney embraces new motherhood while opening up about terrifying health scares. Kim stays dedicated to her many ventures, yet she makes family a top priority. Kendall and Kylie explore their global influence but face increased scrutiny. Khloé tackles co-parenting and finds her footing after past troubles.

Through it all, Kris holds down the fort with equal parts leadership and laughter. Her signature wit and care for her brood give the show heart.

This season looks to delve deeper than previous installments. The walls are coming down as the ladies let audiences in on challenging times along with the triumphs. Their bond strengthens through it all.

So pour yourself something nice, cue up Hulu, and prepare to be entertained. This illuminating look inside the world of the Kardashians is one you won’t want to miss. Their kingdom shows no signs of crumbling, so join them in ruling the realm of reality once more.

The Review

The Kardashians Season 5

7 Score

The Kardashians continue to deliver the over-the-top drama, glamour, and candid peek into the lives of the world's most famous family that viewers have come to expect. While excessive wealth and privilege are ever-present, season 5 promises a more vulnerable look at the real struggles the sisters face, from Kourtney's high-risk pregnancy to tensions between Kim and Khloe. For fans of the franchise, it seems this new season will give them their usual unvarnished dose of the lavish Kardashian kingdom they've grown to love or hate.


  • Gives a candid, unvarnished look into the lives of the famous Kardashian family.
  • It promises lots of drama, scandals, and over-the-top moments that make for addictive reality TV viewing.
  • Highlights the more vulnerable sides of the sisters as they face real struggles like Kourtney's high-risk pregnancy.
  • Continues to follow the family's ever-expanding business empires and ambitious ventures.
  • It showcases the strong bond between the sisters despite tensions and feuds.


  • Excessive displays of wealth and privilege may turn some viewers off.
  • Storylines can seem contrived or manufactured for television at times.
  • Overt focus on personal scandals, controversies, and criticism the family faces
  • Perceived lack of substantive content beyond the family's lavish lifestyle

Review Breakdown

  • Overall 7
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