It Takes Two Players Get Shortcut After EA Cloud Save Snafu

EA resorts to providing completed save game downloads after a recent It Takes Two update removed players' existing cloud save data.

It Takes Two

In an unusual turn of events, EA has announced that it will provide completed save game files for the acclaimed co-op title It Takes Two to players who may have lost their progress due to a recent update. This unconventional solution stems from the game’s transition to using Steam Cloud for save backups, rendering existing saves stored through the EA App’s cloud service inaccessible.

Released in March 2021, the award-winning It Takes Two had previously required players to use the EA App launcher, which also handled cloud save functionality. However, a recent update not only made the game verified for the Steam Deck but also removed the need for the EA App, streamlining the experience for PC players.

While this change was celebrated by many, it came with an unexpected consequence: players who had been relying solely on the EA App’s cloud saves for It Takes Two found their progress wiped out, with no way to retrieve their previous save data.

In response to this issue, EA has taken the extraordinary step of offering a downloadable completed save game file for It Takes Two on PC. In a FAQ posted on the game’s Steam page, EA provides a link to the save file, along with instructions on where to place it for the game to recognize it.

“If you were using the EA App’s cloud saves for It Takes Two and did not have your saves backed up on your PC, you’ve lost all your progress in It Takes Two,” the FAQ states. “EA’s ‘solution’ is pretty wild. In the FAQ, EA includes a link to download a completed save game for It Takes Two on PC.”

This approach, while undoubtedly convenient for affected players, raises questions about the potential impact on the overall gameplay experience. By providing a completed save file, EA essentially bypasses the challenges and obstacles players would typically face throughout the game’s narrative-driven co-op adventure.

It remains unclear why EA did not provide advance warning to players about the impending change and the potential loss of cloud save data. When reached for comment, the company did not respond before publication.

While the move to ditch the EA App launcher and embrace Steam Cloud for It Takes Two is a positive step, the situation surrounding lost progress and EA’s unorthodox solution highlights the potential pitfalls of relying on cloud save systems and the need for better communication and contingency plans from publishers.

As players grapple with the implications of this development, it serves as a reminder of the importance of regularly backing up save data locally and the potential consequences of relying solely on cloud-based solutions.

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