Paper Trail Review: When Paper Worlds Fold into Reality

Characters you'll Cherish in a Papercraft World

Just imagine having the ability to fashion pathways through folding the very fabric of the world. This magical idea lies at the heart of Paper Trail, an enchanting adventure game following a young woman named Paige on her quest for discovery. Tired of being confined, Paige longs to travel beyond her small town and learn about the wider world. By manipulating paper-like environments through clever folding, players help Paige overcome challenges on her journey.

Though simple at first glance, Paper Trail’s folding mechanic proves delightfully inventive. Early on, you can connect distant areas by folding a bridge across a gap. But puzzles grow increasingly sophisticated, demanding creative solutions as new objects like movable blocks are incorporated.

There’s a real “aha!” feeling to piecing things together through experimentation. Meanwhile, Paper Trail’s exquisite watercolor visuals and charming soundtrack conjure a sense of calm. You can really feel Paige’s wonder at unfolding new horizons with each level.

But it’s the heartwarming story where Paper Trail truly shines. Through beautifully animated scenes unlocked by puzzles, we learn of Paige’s caring yet cautious family and her determination to embrace life’s adventures. Her exploration serves as inspiration to follow your dreams, even when paths are unclear. With its magical mechanics supporting a sincere tale, Paper Trail offers a delightfully unique experience to inspire imagination in all of us.

A Journey of Discovery

Paige Turner longed for adventure beyond her sleepy seaside town. A voracious reader from a young age, she dreamed of pursuing further education to unlock life’s mysteries. Yet responsibility weighed on her, as did her parents’ wish for her to settle locally. Paige knew there must be more waiting in the wider world.

One night, stirred by an intriguing deer sighting, she decided her destiny was her own. Bidding farewell to Winslow, the kindly lighthouse keeper, and other villagers, Paige began an escapade that would test her limits and reveal hidden talents. She traversed forests alive with spirited frogs and trees that seemed to dance on the breeze. Ruined temples held remnants of past souls as mysterious as the runes scattered within.

Along the way, Paige assisted diverse locals in need. Jumpy yet plucky, Jill the squirrel helped uncover secrets in hidden groves. Massimo, the silent stoneworker, showed permanence amidst change through his diligent craft. Most memorable was Boris, a brawling bear who spoke solely through songs and taught that strength comes from within, not without. Each character embraced quirks, blending humor with heart, much like Paige’s journey, balancing peril and play.

Throughout her adventure, fragments of Paige’s family history emerged. A shadow extended beyond her departure to somewhere she felt trapped. Yet exploring her ability to reshape landscapes gave her insight into possibilities for reshaping life’s road ahead. By the story’s end, through supporting others, Paige supported herself in embracing independence, curiosity, and believing any obstacles can be overcome through perseverance and community. Her journey of discovery was just beginning.

A World of Puzzles and Possibilities

Folding pieces of paper to find new paths and solve puzzles sounds simple enough. But in Paper Trail, this basic activity becomes the basis for an ingenious gameplay experience. As Paige, you can twist and turn the paper landscape in countless ways, uncovering hidden bridges, sliding platforms, and all manner of mechanisms. There’s creativity in unraveling each conundrum, as logic and discovery go hand in hand.

Paper Trail Review


The first puzzles gently introduce the folding mechanic. A teetering bridge stands between you and progress; simply flip to the back of the page and attach its matching half. Before long, additional elements are woven in, like moveable blocks that must be rearranged. New spatial relationships emerge with every crease of paper. As challenges grow, so does your understanding of this flexible world and how best to manipulate it.

Careful progression keeps difficulties feeling surmountable. Later puzzles add factors like timed platform sequences or buttons triggering interacting parts. Yet each new mechanic builds logically on those before it. Figuring out uses for a new tool feels rewarding instead of oppressive. With some thought, every problem yields to experimentation.

Constantly evolving puzzles never grow repetitive either. The versatile paper invites wildly different setups that encourage diverse solutions. One minute you’re sliding blocks into place, the next guiding light beams through. It’s impossible to anticipate what form the next obstacle will take. Even familiar mechanics gain fresh context surrounded by new environmental factors. Curiosity pushes you forward, as much as accomplishment.

But for those times when inspiration strikes, subtle hint systems provide only targeted guidance. Step-by-stepfolding flows never fully solve puzzles, leaving room for mistakes and personal discovery. Assistance feels great without enabling laziness. By making progress accessible without mandating it, Paper Trail cultivates a relaxed, rewarding puzzle-solving experience for all skill levels and situations. Along its enchanting journey, seemingly endless paperlands create a world of riddles and possibilities limited only to your imagination.

Enchanting Worlds of Paper

Within Paper Trail’s charming pages lies a visual tapestry like no other. Here is a land brought to life through paper’s possibilities, where every crease and fold reveal new magic.


The game wastes no time in igniting wonder. Vibrant colors wash every scene in a palette of mood and warmth. Blues fade to dusk as towns sleep by the sea, while forests gleam warm and welcoming. Textures too captivate—stone worn smooth by time, leaves dance around hand-drawn trunks. Every backdrop invites exploring its nooks, lingering on details both grand and subtle.

Yet more await on the reverse. Here, secrets unfold anew with each turn, guiding Paige’s steps through this dream. Hidden paths come to light, and solutions are revealed in unexpected ways. Such is the heart of Paper Trail—a puzzle as much of a place as progress, where imagination crafts each room anew.

Paige herself seems stitched from paper’s souls. Her tales, too, take shape this way, with memories revealed in dioramas crafted with care. On every page, a story blossoms, flecks of her past granting insight into hopes for tomorrow. Subtle shifts of tone bring each scene to sympathetic life, ensuring her journey resonates in every fold.

In Paper Trail, exploration nourishes exploration. Visual and narrative feed each other with grace, leaving impressions that linger like fingerprints on paper’s edge. Here, a world feels built to inspire your own creativity, whether solving puzzles or lingering in lands too charming to leave. Its pages may end, yet within its walls, wonders can be found to last a lifetime.

Crafting Companionship

Puzzle games walk a fine line between challenge and enjoyment. Too difficult and players feel blocked, but too easy leaves them wanting more. Paper Trail shows a caring touch by welcoming all with simplicity while rewarding persistence.

Subtle supports nudge along the way rather than spoil surprises. Stuck souls find light and reflection in its gentle guiding hand. Step-by-step guidance awaits those wishing to forge ahead together rather than alone. No one was judged for leaning on an arm in troubled places.

Progress lies not in rushing blindly on but in smiling through experimentation. Its folding world invites all to linger in the unfolding mystery rather than hurry past. No one passage proved too steep for those embracing the journey. Smooth controls let minds wander freely as fingers learn the landscape.

Together, we walk where lonely roads once led. No challenge is now left unshared, nor is victory unapplauded. In companionship, we find courage to go on, and in sharing, we find solace. Each greeting each other again at journeys ends with friendship strengthened along the way.

Paper Trails’ Thoughtful Tales

What starts as a simple story of one girl’s journey soon reveals intriguing depths. Paige longs to spread her wings beyond home, pursuing studies under starry skies. Yet her parents remain wary, and the forest holds unspoken mysteries.

Step by step, her adventure unfolds like the pages themselves. Each new area introduces colorful denizens, from jolly frogs to philosopher stones. Their antics bring smiles, yet histories of heartache hint at trauma’s roots. Paige, too, carries her own memories evoked through solitary reflections.

Clever use of environs tells these tales. Ruined halls and clinging vines portray the passage of time, while details like worn script hint at lives once lived. Subtle shifts in the sky and sea capture emotion with few words required. Paige’s powers allow peeking at pages’ hidden layers, revealing clues to conundrums and characters’ cares.

Nimble narratives mesh with puzzles too. Objectives emerge from characters’ plights rather than sterile checklists. Solving one presents the next in logical flow, advancing understanding bit by bit. Story and play support each other in serving up ah-ha moments, leaving impressions to linger with lasting effect.

What began as simple buds into a thoughtful, poignant plot. Paper Trails proves adventures require not bombast but heart. Its gentle genius lies in guiding players to find deeper meaning where least expected, leaving them reflecting on life’s landscapes long after laying down the path.

Origami Adventure

Paper Trail tells a heartwarming story through its intricate puzzles. You’ll guide Paige on her journey of self-discovery while folding screens like paper to overcome obstacles in creative ways. Developers at Newfangled Games invented a puzzle mechanic unlike any other, manipulating the environment through thoughtful creases and turns.

Paige longs to study the stars yet feels held back by her past. Her papercraft world comes to life with each discovery you make. Alongside charming characters speaking in funny gibberish, you’ll share her journey of facing fears and grasping opportunity. Though challenges arise, gentle hints prevent frustration. Solutions feel satisfying instead of like a struggle.

Tale moves at a relaxed pace, perfect for unwinding. Its charming visuals and music set a calming tone. You may find yourself growing fond of Paige and hoping the best for her. Through clever design, this indie title tells an impactful story that will stay with you. Whether you enjoy narrative adventures or puzzle games, Paper Trail offers a unique experience to get lost in. With imagination and heart, its creators crafted an origami adventure to cherish.

The Review

Paper Trail

8 Score

Paper Trail presents a thoughtful journey that's as creative as the puzzles demanding your folding skills. Though demanding at times, Newfangled Games' debut shows heart, imagination, and polish that deserve praise. Paige's story resonated with me, and the hand-drawn papercraft world immersed me in her adventure. Clever mechanics and gradual challenges kept me engaged from the first fold to the last. While not for everyone, this indie title delivers a uniquely charming experience.


  • Imaginative mechanics of folding paper environments
  • Beautiful hand-drawn visuals and art style
  • Engaging story of self-discovery with likeable characters
  • Gradual introduction of puzzle mechanics and difficulty
  • A relaxed pace works well for a narrative experience.
  • Gentle hints prevent frustration.


  • Not suited for those seeking fast gameplay.
  • Puzzles could overwhelm some players.
  • Monotony if the player is not engaged with the story.

Review Breakdown

  • Overall 8
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