Bullock, Kidman in Talks to Resurrect Cult Classic in Practical Magic 2

Beloved 90s stars Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman could reprise iconic witchy roles in newly announced Practical Magic follow-up

Over two decades after audiences were first bewitched by the tale of the supernatural Owens sisters, a long-awaited Practical Magic sequel is finally being conjured up by Warner Bros. The studio took to TikTok to officially announce development on Practical Magic 2, sending fans of the 1998 cult classic into a frenzy.

The original film starred Sandra Bullock as pragmatic witch Sally Owens and Nicole Kidman as her rebellious sibling Gillian. After accidentally killing Gillian’s abusive boyfriend, the sisters found themselves using hereditary witchcraft to resurrect him, only to unleash an evil curse plaguing their family for generations. Now, sources report that Bullock and Kidman are in early negotiations to reprise their iconic roles and produce the next installment.

Rejoining the stars is Oscar-winning writer Akiva Goldsman, who penned the ingenious screenplay for the first Practical Magic adapting Alice Hoffman’s novel. Goldsman is set to craft the new script, while original producer Denise Di Novi is expected to return as well, having previously teased that something from “the world of Practical Magic” was brewing.

Practical Magic 2

Though the 1998 film wasn’t a critical or box office smash at first, its magical blend of comedy, romance, and supernatural drama gained a devoted following over the years. Despite humble beginnings, it grew into a beloved cultural phenomenon and a rarity – a big-studio witch movie led by two major Hollywood stars at the heights of their careers.

“Bullock and Kidman provide spunky star turns…it just doesn’t add up to anything — or break down — to anything special,” wrote The Times in their blasé 1998 review, words which clearly didn’t hex the film’s longevity.

Plot details are still being kept tightly under wraps, but the new movie will likely explore the further witchy adventures of the Owens clan. Fans have already begun speculating about the potential involvement of supporting favorites like Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest as eccentric aunts Franny and Jet. Hopes are also high for appearances by the Owens children introduced in the original, including Evan Rachel Wood as Kylie.

No production schedule or release date has been set for Practical Magic 2 yet as the project remains in its early spellcrafting stages. But for loyal fans who have been patiently awaiting this midnight margarita for 25 years, the real magic is that it’s finally happening.

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