‘The Boys’ Showrunner Says Satirical Series Sometimes Feels ‘Like Satan’s Writers Room’

Eric Kripke Reflects on Superhero Show's Eerily Timely Social Commentary Ahead of Season 4 Premiere

The Boys

As The Boys gears up for its highly-anticipated Season 4 launch on Prime Video this June 13th, showrunner Eric Kripke is opening up about the uncanny tendency of the satirical superhero series to parallel real-world events in unsettling ways.

“Sometimes we feel like we’re Satan’s writers room,” Kripke candidly remarked in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. He’s referring to how the show’s fictional narratives centered around celebrity, politics, and authoritarianism have strangely mirrored societal upheavals playing out in reality.

For instance, the upcoming season will partially revolve around a tense presidential election storyline, echoing the fraught 2024 cycle. “It’s not a spoiler to say that first episode, Homelander is on trial,” Kripke teased, alluding to the polarizing public response the show’s primary villain may face. “A big concern is ‘Can you convict someone that powerful of a crime?'”

While coincidental timing is inevitable when producing sprawling seasons years in advance, Kripke insists the show simply aims to expose fundamental societal truths through its hyperbolic superhero lens rather than predict specific news cycles.

“It’s happened now almost every season…we write them sometimes close to two years before they air and again we’ll find that the news is accurately reflecting whatever we’re talking about,” he explained. “We write what we’re either scared of or pissed off about.”

From Season 3’s exploration of police militarization and racial injustice to earlier critiques on the insidious merging of celebrity influence and authoritarianism, the show has habitually found itself uncomfortably ahead of the cultural conversation.

“Suddenly, we were telling a story about the intersection of celebrity and authoritarianism and how social media and entertainment are used to sell fascism,” Kripke reflected on the series’ shockingly relevant trajectory after first being conceived during the 2016 election cycle.

Despite frequent accusations that The Boys possesses some mystical foresight into sociopolitical turmoil, Kripke rebuffs any notions of prescience. The prolific writer and producer argues the series simply taps into the fundamental truth that history’s ugliest patterns inevitably repeat themselves.

“It’s always the same shit,” Kripke bluntly stated, suggesting why America’s deepest flaws continually percolate back into the mainstream with metronomic regularity.

As viewers brace for the seemingly inevitable next wave of real-world chaos The Boys will accidentally predict, Kripke and his self-described “Satan’s writers room” remain focused on pushing genre storytelling to provocative new depths of cultural relevance. Some devilish inspiration just happens to come with the territory.

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