Palworld Hints at Potential PlayStation Release

Popular and controversial survival game may expand beyond PC and Xbox, potentially reaching millions of new players


The popular survival game Palworld, often dubbed ‘Pokémon with Guns,’ may soon be expanding its reach to PlayStation consoles. This speculation comes after a cryptic tweet from Pocketpair’s community chief, Bucky, who added blue-colored hearts to a post about the game’s platforms – blue being the signature color of PlayStation branding.

Palworld, developed by Pocketpair, has been a massive hit since its early access launch in January 2024 on PC via Steam and Xbox as a day-one Game Pass title. The game’s unique blend of creature collection and survival elements, coupled with its controversial similarities to Pokémon, led to it becoming one of the biggest game launches in recent history.

The potential PlayStation release could provide a significant boost to Palworld’s player base, which has seen some decline in the months following its initial surge. Currently, the game is available on PC (Steam), Xbox, and Mac, represented by black, green, and white hearts respectively in Bucky’s tweet.

This news comes alongside the announcement of a major update for Palworld, dubbed “Sakurajima.” The update promises to increase the level cap, add new creatures (called Pals), introduce a new raid and faction, and unveil a whole new island for players to explore. Xbox players will also benefit from dedicated servers, addressing a notable absence in the game’s features.

While the possibility of a PlayStation version is exciting for many, it raises questions about a potential Nintendo Switch release, given the ongoing controversy and Nintendo’s swift action against Pokémon-related mods for the game.

The PlayStation tease follows an earlier hint from March, suggesting that Pocketpair has been considering this move for some time. However, no official timeframe has been provided for the potential PlayStation release.

As Palworld continues to evolve and potentially expand to new platforms, it remains a topic of both enthusiasm and controversy in the gaming world. The game’s unique premise and gameplay have clearly resonated with millions of players, and a PlayStation release could introduce it to an even wider audience.

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