Selaco Emerges as a Retro FPS Marvel, Powered by GZDoom’s Cutting-Edge Capabilities

The highly anticipated Selaco combines retro aesthetics with modern gameplay, delivering an incredible shooter experience built on the GZDoom engine.


In the ever-evolving landscape of first-person shooters, a remarkable new title has emerged from the depths of the retro gaming scene, captivating players with its seamless fusion of classic aesthetics and modern gameplay mechanics. Selaco, an early access release built on the venerable GZDoom engine, is a testament to the boundless potential of retro technology when combined with innovative design and unwavering attention to detail.

Developed by Altered Orbit Studios, Selaco draws inspiration from a diverse array of iconic FPS titles, seamlessly blending the intense action of Doom, the tactical depth of F.E.A.R., and the environmental storytelling of System Shock 2. This potent cocktail of influences has given birth to a gaming experience that is both nostalgic and refreshingly unique, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with the aging yet versatile GZDoom engine.

At its core, Selaco is a first-person shooter that prioritizes player agency and environmental interaction. Every level is a meticulously crafted playground of destruction, where players are encouraged to unleash havoc upon their surroundings. From shattering computer monitors to reducing office furniture to rubble, the game’s physics-driven destruction system delivers an unparalleled sense of visceral satisfaction with each pull of the trigger.

But Selaco is more than just mindless mayhem; it’s a tactical and cerebral experience that demands skill and strategy. The enemy AI presents a formidable challenge, employing advanced tactics such as flanking maneuvers and coordinated assaults. Players must carefully navigate the intricate levels, utilizing cover and flanking positions to gain the upper hand against their relentless foes.

Complementing the intense combat is a rich and immersive world that invites exploration. Selaco’s environments are layered with environmental storytelling, from the eerie calm of abandoned facilities to the chaotic aftermath of alien invasions. Hidden throughout the levels are datalogs and collectibles that shed light on the game’s narrative, rewarding players who take the time to uncover the secrets lurking within the shadows.

Underpinning Selaco’s remarkable visual fidelity is the GZDoom engine, which has been meticulously harnessed by the developers to push the boundaries of what was once thought possible. Advanced lighting techniques, voxel-based objects, and seamless level designs come together to create a cohesive and visually stunning world that belies the engine’s age.

Perhaps most impressive, however, is the attention to detail lavished upon Selaco’s arsenal of weapons. Each firearm is a masterclass in sprite-based animation, with every frame meticulously crafted to convey a sense of weight and impact. Muzzle flashes, particle effects, and dynamic shadows further enhance the visceral experience, ensuring that every shot fired feels satisfyingly powerful.

While Selaco is still in early access, the game’s level of polish and depth of content already surpasses many full releases. With a substantial campaign spanning 30 maps, a plethora of gameplay modifiers, and the promise of future updates and expansions, Selaco stands poised to cement its place as a landmark achievement in the realm of retro shooters.

As the gaming community eagerly awaits Selaco’s full release, scheduled for early 2026, one thing is abundantly clear: the developers at Altered Orbit Studios have not only pushed the boundaries of what is possible with the GZDoom engine but have also crafted an experience that transcends its retro roots, delivering a captivating and innovative shooter that will undoubtedly resonate with players for years to come.

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