Starfield Expands Universe with Major June Update

Bethesda's space epic gets a substantial boost with new missions, gameplay systems, and powerful creation tools.


In a substantial content drop, Bethesda Game Studios has unveiled a sweeping June update for its critically acclaimed space RPG Starfield, introducing a host of new features and gameplay enhancements. The highlight is the long-awaited integration of the Creation Kit, empowering players to craft their own custom missions, weapons, armor, and more for the sprawling sci-fi adventure.

One of the marquee additions is the Bounty Scanning mechanic, a community-requested feature allowing players to scan NPCs and determine if they have outstanding warrants. Adventurers can then choose to resolve these bounties through diplomacy or force, opening up new gameplay opportunities. Tying into this is the expansion of The Trackers faction with procedurally generated missions for players to join and undertake as paid contractors.

The update also brings significant improvements to combat with the introduction of ammo crafting and upgrades to the melee weapon system. Players can now forge their own ammunition types, while melee weapons gain new enhancement tiers accessible through crafting. These additions provide more depth to Starfield’s already robust sandbox gameplay loop.

Perhaps the biggest news, however, is the integration of Bethesda’s Creation tools. Built upon the robust modding framework first introduced in Skyrim, the Creation Kit allows players to build and share custom quests, player homes, character customizations, and more. Bethesda itself will contribute official creations, but the real excitement lies in the promise of a thriving community-driven ecosystem.

While not on the scale of the recently announced Shattered Space expansion, this June update represents a substantial infusion of new content aimed at keeping space explorers engaged. With melee improvements, bounty hunting gameplay, and the tantalizing possibilities of user-generated creations, Starfield’s universe has just expanded in fantastic ways.

Other noteworthy additions include fixes for frustrating bugs, such as overpowered sneak damage and guards abandoning pursuit too easily. These quality-of-life improvements should provide a smoother experience for seasoned players.

As Bethesda continues to support Starfield with an ambitious post-launch roadmap, this latest update firmly cements the game’s place as one of the deepest, most content-rich RPGs in recent memory. The introduction of Creation tools, in particular, promises an exciting future where the boundaries of this cosmic sandbox are only limited by the imagination of its community.

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