Taskmaster VR Review: A Familiar (Yet Frustrating) Trip to the Taskmaster House

Greg and Alex Come to VR, But Challenges Remain

If you’ve never experienced the zany world of Taskmaster, the hit British comedy competition show is not one to miss. Each episode sees a group of comedians subjected to bizarre and ridiculously specific tasks set by the almighty Taskmaster, Greg Davies.

Whether it’s delivering a pizza to a seagull or transporting an egg across the bumpiest terrain possible without breaking it, the contestants must think creatively to complete each challenge. As they inevitably fumble and fail in the process, hilarity ensues.

Taskmaster VR aims to put players right in the middle of this offbeat universe. You take on the role of the newest contestant, participating in three challenges across five episodes both inside and outside of the iconic Taskmaster house. With Greg and his hapless assistant Alex observing your every move, it’s time to put your problem-solving skills to the test.

While no game could fully recreate the delightful anarchy of the live show, this virtual adaptation looks to capture its heart with its zany tasks, committed recreations of characters and locations, and opportunities for comedic mishaps. Stepping into this bizarre world promises to be a lively experience for fans and newbies alike.

Stepping into the Task

In Taskmaster VR, you’ll take on the role of a hapless contestant as you embark on three absurd tasks across five episodes. Filmed on location at the iconic Taskmaster house, two challenges per episode thrust you into familiar settings like the backyard and tool shed. The final studio task sees you face Greg Davies’ piercing gaze as your effort is critiqued.

Stepping into this zany VR world, you’re given simple spatulas to complete kitchen conundrums or a robotic arm with limited reach for elaborate circuit-building. Navigating each scene and interacting with an array of whimsical props lends itself well to virtual reality. Yet the controls introduce their own comedic layer of difficulty.

Motoring around the house, you feel as clumsy as the buffoonish comics on screen. Movements are sluggish, whether you’re clomping down hallways or fumbling with delicate items. Rotations, stutters, and fiddly dials require a surgeon’s care. Combined with occasionally janky physics, even the simplest tasks become herculean labors. Still, as with the show, failure is what makes success so sweet.

Each new objective provides boundless potential for clowning. But where the real Taskmaster leaves interpretations open, this version spells out step-by-step solutions. That limits the lateral thinking on display when challengers revolutionize requirements through unconventional workarounds. You can guess using multiple methods, yet the true route is predetermined.

So where’s the fun in that? Well, the joy comes from the journey—or mishaps along the way. Whether your equipment malfunctions mid-task or some physics glitch interrupts your scheming, the ensuing chaos elicits gleeful laughs. And Greg and Alex enhance every error with barbed quips that sting as good as they entertain.

Their banter between challenges feels so perfectly in character that you almost forget it’s scripted. From slating your “atrocious” failure to cheering mediocrity, their assessments land with expert comedic timing and send you back eagerly for another serving of sadistic joy.

With your work critiqued, scores are dished out from one to five points. But while the show pits comics against each other, here you compete only against yourself. Replaying cleared tasks to boost ratings adds replay value, though knowing solutions saps surprise.

In the end, this single-player virtual stint inside a multi-contestant comedy of errors leaves you wanting more—be it expanded longevity, refined controls, or competitive online multiplayer—to experience the absurdity of Taskmaster from new angles. For now, it offers enough low-stakes ludicrousness to entertain fans hankering for another fix of this British oddity.

Capturing Comic Genius

Taskmaster VR truly transports fans into the zany world of the hit TV show. Developers have nailed recreating the most iconic settings and capturing the hilarious personalities that make the series so beloved.

Taskmaster VR Review

Stepping into the Taskmaster house is like visiting an old friend. Every eccentric room is exactly as you remember—right down to the cluttered shed and Greg Davies’ brooding portrait hanging above the fireplace. Wandering these familiar sets between tasks feels quite surreal. You can almost picture the contestants scheming in each location’s confines.

And speaking of the contestants, the virtual Greg and Alex are pitch-perfect. They banter with the same expert comedic timing as their real-world counterparts. Greg prowls the stage, gleefully mocking failed attempts, while Alex eggs players on with encouragement. Their dialogue, though scripted, flows so naturally that it’s easy to forget. The vocal performances alone are worth the price of admission.

Visually, the Taskmaster world hits a sweet spot between photorealism and charming caricature. Environments achieve verisimilitude through immersive details, while avatars are expressive through fun stylization. Together, it pulls viewers deeper into the show’s zany alternate reality. Even audio exceeds expectations, from clanking props to that iconic theme song swelling at just the right moments.

Best of all, developers grasp Taskmaster’s heart—that anything can become comedy fodder under the right constraints. Objectives seem simple at first blush, yet unravel into hilarious disasters as layers of absurd rules backfire in unforeseeable ways. The spirit of creative problem-solving that makes the show so rewatchable shines through each bonkers task.

In capturing both the minutiae and magic of what makes Taskmaster so special, this adaptation succeeds in its loftiest goal: transporting an old favorite to an interactive new medium while keeping its comic soul beautifully intact. Fans will feel right at home in this lovingly-detailed virtual homage to Britain’s most genius game show.

Never-Ending Mirth

Taskmaster VR succeeded brilliantly at transporting me into the show’s zany world. But like my time in the game, the laughs were all too brief. With just a few gameplay tweaks, this adaptation could have provided chuckles for far longer.

What made the disappointment sting most was realizing how much an online multiplayer mode could have extended my enjoyment. Thinking of competing against friends, trying to one-up each other’s ridiculous task solutions—it’s mad how much merriment we missed out on. Can you picture the hysterics of four people frantically tossing eggs across the yard, egged on by Greg’s barbs? Or cooperatively tackle absurd collaborations that would make even the taskmaster scratch his head?

It’s easy to imagine new layers of hilarity emerging from that chaos. Creative failures breed more creative failures as tired minds devolve into fresh absurdities. The possibilities for entertaining mess-ups become endless with an expanded cast of characters. Even replaying tasks solo loses its shine once you’ve solved all the puzzles.

This is no minor shortcoming, either, considering the show itself draws so much comedy from direct player interaction. Its success stems from wacky improvisations sparking off each other organically. A single-seat experience, for all its strengths, can only offer so many yucks.

Fortunately, the groundwork is there for resurrecting merriment further down the line. With online play and more tasks in the pipeline, maybe via updates or downloadable content, the shenanigans could carry on unabated. One can hope future content brings boatloads of fresh ways to flounder and guaranteed grins by the yardload. For now, we’re left desperately needing more nonsense to enjoy with our chums. But with luck, the mirthful magic of Taskmaster could soon know no bounds.

Glitches Get Stitches

Now you can’t expect a perfect throw every time in Taskmaster VR, not with those finicky physics. Objects have minds of their own at times. Drop an egg or frisbee and it might bounce off on a wander, refusing any pretense of following natural laws. Throw a ball, and prayers alone guide its flight, not skill or steering. And don’t get me started on opening doors—jam those hinges tighter, why don’t you?

It’s frustrating, for sure, when the gaffes lose you precious points with Greg. But in fairness, reproducing the smoothness of reality hasn’t been VR’s strong suit yet. These systems are still learning their ABCs compared to the complexity of real hands. Cut them some slack, and they’ll get craftier with practice. At least the frame rate keeps ticking steadily, stopping you from hurling your lunch.

As long as glitches don’t shatter gameplay completely, some bugs can add their own comedic charm. Picture bungled throws rebounding into trash cans with Looney Tunes pizazz. Wonky hinges, conjuring fits of rage to entertain the taskmaster. And that’s what this zany adaptation’s all about at its core—bumbling brilliance over polish.

Just hope the wonkiness doesn’t wreck solutions or frustrate abandonment. Then it’s the stars themselves that the game should sack, not pick at petty problems. For now, scrapers will scrape, and stitches will mend glitches over time, smoothing out fault lines stitch by stitch. Just take performance in Jest like a contest in Jest and enjoy each daft diversion to its end.

Welcome to the Taskmaster House

Now, doesn’t Taskmaster VR do a bang-up job bringing the show to life? Between Greg’s barbs and the house’s charm, you sink right in as if on set. Details overflow everywhere, like the trophy case or framed photos, putting smiles on faces. Pranks and puzzles fill your plate in the best ways, whether scrambling for eggs or sculpting spuds to the taskmaster’s tastes.

Of course, not every toss lands in the basket. Constraints on movement and solutions can stir the pot when perfection’s what’s served. Glitches may strike when precision’s asked, too. But even missed marks mix laughter with the latter when silliness springs from error. And aren’t the hosts always good for a giggle? Disclaimers said, most merriment’s had by all.

Some seek richer puzzles and open-world hijinks, with friends along for amusement. This ride’s lone travel brings less long-term fun there. But Taskmaster fans craving an authentic fix need look no further—one taste and you’ll keep coming to the kitchen for seconds and thirds. This digital living room replicates the favorite comedy so well that you feel part of the show.

So if close encounters with Contest Corner are what you envision, one visit ensures hours of grins. Tasks may try patience at the edges, yet humor heals all wounds. And doesn’t hope remain for future fellowship if developers hear how multiplayer mirth may multiply? Until then, solos still laugh alone together in Greg’s great grinning game. Come one, come all—to the Taskmaster House!

Taking the reins in the taskmaster house

So in wrap, how’s this game bringing Taskmaster’s world our way? Well, credit’s due; it nails the look and feels dead on. Just walking rooms leaves grins all around, like stepping onto a set. And I can’t forget Greg’s jokes! Even when fumbling tasks, keeping grins’s no chore with him ribbing.

Still, potential waits untapped. Tasks entertain, but limits show. And going solo, fun runs its course alone too soon. Yet hope springs that creations may cultivate community and longevity down the line. Online play, opening realms of ridiculous results, could rocket fun sky-high for all.

In the end, though, this game grabs Taskmaster’s spirit, for better or worse. Succeeding where it celebrates what makes the show shine so bright. And even in faults, she finds fun by failing fabulous. So for fans hankering for Taskmaster’s fix, one visit ensures good times are certain. Just maybe two trips, tops, before longing legs wish for more milestones and missions to unlock. But for now, this trial run thrills enough to declare: I can’t wait to see how the creators steer this property further!

The Review

Taskmaster VR

7 Score

While Taskmaster VR succeeds in capturing the spirit of its source material, technical limitations and a lack of replay ability hold it back from greatness. That said, for fans of the hugely popular TV show, exploring the authentic Taskmaster world and experiencing personalized challenges from Greg and Alex makes this a genuinely enjoyable trip.


  • Authentic recreation of the Taskmaster world
  • Hilarious dialogue and callbacks to the TV show
  • Interesting task concepts that capture the absurd spirit
  • Freedom to explore the iconic set locations


  • Short campaign length
  • Lack of replay ability without future updates or modes
  • Unrefined control schemes like imprecise throwing
  • Limited interaction holds back creative solutions.
  • Missing online/competitive multiplayer modes

Review Breakdown

  • Overall 7
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