Remedy Pulls the Plug on Multiplayer Game ‘Kestrel’ to Focus on Flagship Franchises

The acclaimed developer behind 'Control' and 'Alan Wake' cancels its mysterious multiplayer project 'Kestrel' to double down on established franchises and single-player experiences.

In a strategic move to fortify its focus on the development of single-player experiences and established franchises, Remedy Entertainment has announced the cancellation of its mysterious multiplayer project, codenamed ‘Kestrel.’ The decision comes as the studio behind critically acclaimed titles such as ‘Control’ and ‘Alan Wake’ seeks to reallocate resources and talent towards its ongoing and highly anticipated projects.

‘Kestrel,’ initially revealed as a “premium game with a strong cooperative multiplayer component” co-financed and co-published with Chinese tech giant Tencent, had shown early promise. However, as CEO Tero Virtala explained, the project was still in its early concept stage, prompting the developer to reevaluate its priorities.

“Codename Kestrel showed early promise, but the project was still in its early concept stage,” Virtala stated. “Our other projects have advanced well and are moving to the next stages of development, and increasing focus on them provides us with benefits.”


Among the projects that will benefit from the reallocation of resources are the highly anticipated remakes of the cult classic ‘Max Payne’ games, the sequel to the critically acclaimed ‘Control,’ and ‘Condor,’ a multiplayer spin-off set in the ‘Control’ universe. By concentrating its efforts on these established franchises, Remedy aims to deliver experiences that align with its core strengths and resonate with its dedicated fan base.

“We can reallocate talented Kestrel developers to these other game projects, and many of our support functions get additional focus on their operations,” Virtala added. “This is yet another means to ensure that our game projects continue advancing well.”

The cancellation of ‘Kestrel’ also serves as a strategic move to streamline Remedy’s development efforts and ensure a sustainable workload for its team. By removing the planned investment needs for the multiplayer project, the studio aims to reduce its overall recruitment needs and maintain a focused approach to its ongoing endeavors.

While the decision to axe ‘Kestrel’ may disappoint fans anticipating a new multiplayer experience from Remedy, the studio’s commitment to its single-player roots and beloved franchises remains unwavering. With resources now concentrated on titles like ‘Control’ and the ‘Max Payne’ remakes, the developer aims to deliver the high-quality, narrative-driven experiences that have cemented its reputation in the gaming industry.

As Remedy forges ahead with its revised roadmap, fans can look forward to updates on the studio’s flagship projects, each promising to push the boundaries of storytelling, gameplay, and immersive worlds that have become synonymous with the Remedy name.

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